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Friday, December 3

Recurring Theme

Dammit, I went drinking last night, and am heading out again tonight. I need to stop this incessant drinking.

Right after tonight, I'll get on that! Ahem.

Talk about two completely different nights out though: last night we had a mini spoof cocktail party in Jillian's kitchen, paid for by our winnings at two pub quizzes in the last fortnight. That amounted to 80 euros worth of booze and munchies, between around 15 of us. It was a drunken night. We even got dressed up for it, he guys in shirts and ties, and the girls in cocktail dresses. It was really funny to see us all looking swish, whilst necking random drinks.

I'll do a better write-up of that over the weekend.

Tonight, however, is going to be very different, although there has been a similar amount of planning involved. Tonight is a party organised by the Erasmus Group of the university, and is another of their inter-European party nights. They sent a big email around a few weeks back, promising a "surprise" for anyone who came in some sort of national dress.

There was a photo attached, which showed people in random clothes, such as a group of Italian guys who each had a big letter on the back of their t-shirts, spelling out 'Italia' when they stood together (and in order, obviously...). We were inspired.

This is why I've spent the last two afternoons painting a big Union Jack on the front of a white t-shirt, writing 'Sir Robert of Melksham' on the back and (wait for it) painting another Union Jack on the back of a pair of white hot pants.

Hot pants that I will be wearing a little later this evening. Thankfully for everybody else, I will also be wearing jeans underneath. It's going to look fucking hilarious though, 7 of us (5 girls, 2 guys) all wearing the hot pants over our jeans, as well as matching t-shirts.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part of the whole costume: on the front of my hot pants is the following written: 'The Crown Jewels'. Genius, if I may say so myself.

Again, I'll write up tonight's events over the weekend, assuming I can drag my ass out of bed!

This weekend's write-ups may include some, many, none or less of the following:

Until then...


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