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Tuesday, October 26

Well, I Deserved To Get A Bit Drunk

After all, I had done a whole week's worth of lectures. Oh, and shush at the back those who are saying "But you only did 3!": I deserved to go out and celebrate the end of the first week of classes with all of my friends.

We'd decided to do something a bit different from our usual Thursday evening of O'Reilly's - The Dubliner - iPunkt - Bar Drei, just for a change. Let's be honest, after a month or so of doing that every Thursday night, you need a change. We weren't skipping the drinking part of the evening, just altering the locations.

The first stop was beer pong and various drinking games at an American friend of ours place. We've gone round there quite a bit recently, but I always feel a touch guilty in that my group of friends seem to arrive as one and then leave as one halfway through the evening. I happen to like being there, and I enjoy the company of the hosts, even if they are American...

I find it a little rude when we turn up, crates of drink in hand, drink it all there, and then run away to another bar as soon as we run out. It's not dangerous or painful to socialise with another group of people from time to time, and it can be good to hang out with other friends away from your usual crowd as and when you want to. A similar thing happened on Saturday night, which I was moaned at about the next day. I'll get to that in another post.

So there we all were, hanging around inside and outside of this student hall, playing a bit of beer pong and Fuck The Dealer (a great card game, but I can't be arsed to explain it here. I think I may have done it already on this blog at some point. I'll hunt it down).

My usual group of friends decided that it was time to make a move and shift on to The Dubliner for a few drinks there before making our way to some random club. We'd only been at the American's place (OK, for sake of argument I shall name her Jillian, since that is her name) for an hour or so, and I was having a good time, so I told them all I'd catch the next bus, in 30 minutes time.

They were a bit iffy with me, but said fair enough. I carried on with my game of beer pong (which I lost by a huge amount. I blame the random Polish girl I was playing with), as well as chatting to a few other people I knew there. Before I knew it, I'd missed the next bus, which meant another half-hour wait. Whether that was deliberate on my part or not, I'm not entirely certain. It could have been some sort of subconscious thing, but more than likely I just plain lost track of time.

That's what I'm claiming if anyone asks.

I stayed for another game of beer pong (lost that one too, if memory serves), some more beer and an exchange of phone numbers with Jillian. Not for any getting-together reason, as far as I know, but simply because I didn't have the number of any of that group of friends. I always find out about any such gatherings through a 3rd party or the grapevine, so having a direct contact would be much easier.

That's what I'm claiming if anyone asks.

I do get on really well with Jillian, she's great, but she's got a boyfriend back in the States (I think), and I'm still sort of after GTIMPBSIITAGTKABB. I don't think there's anything between us, but a 1.30am text from her on Friday night / Saturday morning inviting me to play Twister has made me think twice. But no, she's a good friend, no more.

That's what I'm claiming if anyone asks.

I eventually got to the bus stop, and went with Justin (another Yank) into town and to The Dubliner to meet everyone. We were dying for the loo (incidentally, that phrase attracts an inordinate amount of visitors from Google, according to my stats), so rushed in, said a brief hello as we passed everyone, and practically jumped down the stairs to the toilets. That'll learn us to go to the loo before going on a 15-minute bus ride. You learn something new every day, as the saying goes.

I was bought a cocktail by Kevin, an English friend of mine who claimed he owed me a few drinks. I'm not the type to argue such a suggestion, so buy me a drink he did. Cheers Kevin. The rest of my friends were getting quite pissed by this point, having been apparently been bought loads of drinks by some random American guy in the pub. This isn't to say that I wasn't feeling mildly inebriated, because I was.

Hence my agreement to go to this random club elsewhere in the town. At least it was somewhere new, rather than iPunkt for the 86th time in a month. I was also interested in seeing what a German take on a nightclub would be like. I would say something like efficient, but my experience of Germany so far has been anything but.

I have to say that it was pretty fucking good. It was absolutely rammed, and it was almost shoulder-to-shoulder dancing, but the atmosphere was fantastic. The DJ was pretty competent too, and played some wicked tunes. It was all hip hop and r'n'b, but it wasn't cheesy stuff. Well, apart from that Fatman Scoop song, but we were dancing away by then, and enjoying everything too much to care that it was a crap song. I may haven even sang along. Shame on me.

We were dancing in a group right next to a podium of some sort, and there were some hilarious people up there at various stages during the night. We had the two white girls who thought they were booty queens, shaking it for all they were worth but just looking ridiculous, two white boys blinging it as much as possible (again just looking like twats), and another couple of random girls who thought they were all that. They weren't, needless to say.

A couple of my friends got up there, and I have to say that they were the best of the bunch that I saw. And no, this isn't biased, they were literally the best. OK, let me rephrase that as "the least ridiculous". But you get the point.

By about 2, most of my group left, but I was quite happy to stay and look after the one girl who didn't want to go home just yet. This would be the same girl (Laura) who ended up asleep in my room the other night after we'd got pissed up at Bar Drei.

No, I'm not interested in her either, but she's a great laugh and I like being around her. We danced for ages and ages, had a drink or two, and then danced some more. It was great fun, and was the first time that I'd danced properly since arriving in Germany. I'd danced once in iPunkt, but I was royally pissed and don't properly remember, so it doesn't count.

We shared a taxi home, even though it meant a huge detour past my place and up to hers, and that was that. No, nothing happened. Don't get your hopes up on that one. Remember, I am the so-called Asexual Worm. My reputation always precedes me.

And so ends another night of drinking, except on this one I wasn't all that drunk. I only had about 10 drinks, and they were spread out over a long period that evening. I made up for this sobriety on Saturday, don't worry about that one.


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