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Wednesday, August 11

Am I Boring You?

Just an ultra-quick post to say that I'm still here, still intact and still in control of my limbs. Well, except after a drinky-poo or two.

I've come to the conclusion, reached by my own independent thought, rather than a whole host of abusive emails (come to think of it, someone send me some random, even abusive, emails. I like responding...), that I've become very boring in both my posting about my life, and my life itself.

I've found myself not so much in a rut with my life, as on a barren, featureless plain. I haven't done a huge amount of interesting things recently, having been so consumed by working nearly every hour in existence at X and Y. I swear that my entire life for the last 10 days, and also for at least the rest of this week, has been spent either working, travelling to work or recovering from work.

The only spare time I seem to get is taken up by getting shit ready for my move to Germany. My parents are coming to London next Tuesday to take 90% of my stuff back to their house, leaving me with a suitcase-worth to live with until the end of August and my flight to Germany. Fun all the way, I can tell you.

This is the main reason for not posting a whole lot here. I know that I left the last post unfinished, tantalisingly leaving it halfway through a night out. Looking back, there's not a whole lot of exciting material there either. Basically, 5 of us managed to drink a crate of 24 beers on the mile-long walk into town (a commendable effort in itself) before we met everyone else, hit a few pubs and ended up in glorious Buds. The music was shitty, the vodka was oh-so-cheap, and I got reasonably drunk. I chatted to loads of people, including many that I also hadn't seen for too long. An Acropolis Special Burger accompanied me on the way home, and 'twas with a heavy head that I woke less than 4 hours later. End of story. Apologies if you've been waiting for an epic tale of drunken debauchery. I'll try again soon.

There's a few things that probably need writing about, and I might try to do so when I get a spare hour or two. My life hasn't been completely boring for 2 weeks, and I've managed to get quite drunk twice, which isn't a bad effort.

What I don't want to do, however, is to repeat the last few posts. They've been amazingly boring to write, and I'm sure it was the same for anybody reading it. Fuck it, I bored myself when I happened to re-read bits of it earlier this week. I seem to have lost the enthusiasm for writing, which translates to a bland piece of prose on the screen for you all to read. When I'm 100% up for writing, it flows easier and is more enjoyable to write / read.

When I write purely for necessity, it becomes boring. I guess this is my own fault for trying to be utterly complete in the documentation of my life here. I truly want to get everything down in writing, but this necessitates the uneventful periods also being recorded.

With that in mind, I'm choosing to change my style of posting. No longer am I going to attempt to record everything that happens to me. Sure, there will still probably be epic posts, once I find some free time to write them, but I don't want them to turn back into the type where minute details make up the majority of the content, possibly neglecting the bigger picture.

The sticking point is that whilst I'm going through this uneventful period in my life, I'm not suffering from the extremes of mood that give me some creativity. As I've said too many times, I write best when I'm upset, pissed off or depressed. I also write with greater enthusiasm when I'm on a real high, when life is treating me really well. For a good example of the latter, read the post I wrote about going to Phase with Girl one Friday back in May. That night was brilliant fun, and I couldn't help but be bursting with enthusiasm when I came to write up the night's events.

The same can't be said, unfortunately, for a 45-minute Tube ride home every night after work. Well, except for that one where we had an 'hilarious' (or so he thought) driver who gave many 'hilarious' messages over the intercom for the entire journey. He wasn't funny, but it was entertaining. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent. As I always do...

If only I could use my mobile to text my posts here, it would be so much easier. I could truly blog, in that the smallest random thought or happening could be posted here almost immediately. I've had so many good ideas for 30-second posts in the last fortnight that it's very annoying to forget them all, as I have done at this moment in time. Perhaps I should carry my notebook more often?

Anyway, this "ultra-quick post", as I promised it would be, has once more turned into rather more of a lengthy one, so I'll stop here. I want to post more often, and I will try to, but I also want to keep things interesting here. This doesn't mean I'm going to make shit up, because everything here always has and always will be absolutely true and real, but I might just leave out the boring bits.



One crate of twenty four....between five! That's only four & a bit each! Assuming they're normal bottles like Budweiser not that difficult to polish off at all...hardly worth boasting on a posting about!
(Oh to be drinking again....says this envious recovering alcoholic!)

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