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Thursday, June 17

Thank Fuck For Rooney

An uneventful day today, I'm afraid. I've been waiting for a call from The cambridge all day, but none has been forthcoming as yet (8.14pm). Gits.

The only event worth writing about was, of course, the football. Another dire performance by an England team, but at least we managed to win the fucking game. That should avoid any riots in Croydon and elsewhere tonight.

Is it just me, or are the England team performing really badly so far in this tournament? We've got all of these great players, especially in midfield, and yet we persist in hoofing the ball upfield to two of the smallest strikers in the entire tournament. Is it then a surprise when the ball comes straight back in the form of an attack by the opposition.

Admittedly, with Switzerland, you can afford to not be too worried about these attacks, but against France and Brazil (remember Brazil?) these tactics just do not work. Sure, we defended resolutely against France for 90 minutes, but it was pure good luck that they had that many attacks to that point without creating too many chances.

Eventually, these tactics will fail, even if it is brought about by a lumbering donkey who shouldn't even be anywhere near the pitch in the first place. Oh, and by an overrated Scouser, who isn't as world-class as so many football columnists are falling over themselves to point out.

Yes, Gerrard's pretty good, and deserves a place in the England team, but he is not "world-class". And neither can he cope with the pressure this tag puts him under. But then these same columnists berate him for having a bad game. It's just the typical British press building someone up before knocking them down to earth with an enormous (front-page) crash.

Fuck it, while I'm in a pretty pissed off mood (just writing about the France game has got me angry), I'm going to bitch about smokers, for what seems like the millionth time.

Watching the game this afternoon in my living room, there were 4 of us: myself and 3 chain smokers. We had the window open, as we always do, but all this succeeded in doing was creating a breeze towards me. Cue big clouds of smoke heading my way.

And I really do mean clouds. At times, the picture on the TV, when viewed from my seat, had a lovely gray tint to it, due to the mass amounts of smoke in front of it. Mmmmm, can you feel the lung cancer?

But it's not the health effects that bother me most. It's the godawful, horrific, penetrating nature of the smell that the cigarrettes give out. How does it get itself into your clothes within seconds, but refuse to leave the fabric for days and days?!

My t-shirt now has that lovely, just-smoked-twenty-fags stench to it, and I know that I will have to put it in my laundry basket tonight because I will be unable to stomach pulling it over my head again tomorrow morning. I get annoyed that I cannot wear any t-shirt or top for more than a day before having to wash it, purely because of the smoky atmosphere in our living room.

And before you tell me to tell them to stop smoking in there, I have tried on a shitload of occasions, with absolutely no result. Ignorant fuckers.

But that is it, I am never ever living with anyone who smokes ever again. I am struggling to cope with keeping my mouth shut and not having a massive go at them every time they light up. We have a roof terrace for fuck's sake!

It does amuse me that one of my housemates, who only started smoking when he was 19 (he's now 23) and now chain smokes around 30 a day, has these tremendous coughing fits at least 3 or 4 times a day. I've even seen him bring up blood from them. Yes, he had a heavy cold a few weeks back, but this is a properly disgusting coughing fit, rendering him incapable of anything for a minute or two.

First thing he does after each one? Lights up another fag. I truly cannot get my head round the concept at all.

Which made it all the funnier when, on BB last night, Nadia was in tears in the diary room because she had no more cigarrettes left (after smoking all 280 she had brought with her in less than 19 days...). She was quite literally falling apart without a ciggy in her hand, which I found absolutely hilarious. How can you get to that stage with anything, especially the death sticks which make you stink to high heaven?

End of rant (for about the third time this week).

Oh, and finally, I would just like to say thanks to Maddy for the somewhat cryptic comment accompanying her link to here from her blog:
it's funny and for how arrogant he seems at times I really don't get offended, suprisingly. Maybe it's that english charm...

I swear there's a compliment in there somewhere!


Hahaha, didn't think you'd read it....and it isn't a bad comment. Some people just confuse arrogance with honesty, that's all. And I think you're honest.

My friend is like that with the smoking, she's always coughing and straight after she goes oh god I need a ciggie and lights one up. Or after exercise when she's practically dying because she can't breathe (more than likely because she smokes so damn much) she lights up and smokes it even though she can barely breathe. I think cigarette smoke affects brains and lessens our reasoning capacity if she's anything to judge by.

Maybe it might make you feel better to know that their lungs and hearts are rotting and yours aren't....although considering you live with smokers perhaps that's a moot point?

Bloody whinging, Pommy git! Yes, in case you guessed it, I am an Aussie smoker (started at 20, still going strong on a pipe at 48, no debilitating coughing attacks, except for Christmas night, but that was just because I am allergic to Christmas, being the Scrooge that I am!). I also hate pommy "football" (real footy is played down under with an oblate spheroid, not a round ball); I tried to get into soccer on emigrating to Norway: first game Norway vs. Scotland, so embarrassingly slow, not even the commentators knew what to comment at half-time, because nothing had happened; Norway vs.Morocco, yes, that started to look like things were going to get a bit exciting for a while there, I will admit; Norway vs. Italy (and first time Norway was in World Cup since god knows when....ever???)...yes, well, the whole country was in mourning, and even the Lutheran priest in church congratulated on our getting out of bed due to the crippling depression settling over the whole country! For your health's sake, get out of the smoke-filled fug of your friends, and maybe go play some real football in a park? lol

P.S. Nice blog visually, btw, wish I could post a nice desktop like that!

Totally true bout smoking. It does mess up the brain whether legal or illegal smoke. you deserve a lot of credit for this blog. good job bud.
gas card guy with too much gas:)

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