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Thursday, June 10

Being Invaded

Does anyone else find it quite amusing how blogging has completely exploded, in terms of how many people are now starting to keep one?

I occasionally have a glance through the page at Blogger with all of the recently published blogs on it, clicking on interesting-sounding blogs throughout the list.

More and more often, these blogs that I click on have just one or two posts on it, including the obligatory first post which says something like "I've heard that this blogging thing is all the rage, so I'm going to try it out." They then proceed to write something which to my mind is quite fake and gives the impression that they are trying too hard.

I can't remember what my first post(s) was like, and I'm not going to go check now, but if I remember correctly, I slipped into the routine of posting very easily and quickly. Now it just comes so easily, and I can write about anything and everything whenever I want (in the most part).

Too many of these new blogs really do seem forced, in that the author is only doing it because their friends are, or because it is cool and the hip thing to do at the moment. Fuck that, write a blog because you have something to say, not because you feel you ought to.

I recognise that I could be coming across here as a bit 'elitist', in that I was here first, but it does disappoint me somewhat to see so many shit (for want of a better adjective) blogs out there at the moment. Maybe it's me, maybe there are certain things I like to see in a blog, which is why I don't automatically link back to those who link to me (well, on the new design I do).

For me, reading a blog is knowing about someone's life. I don't read news blogs or political blogs, I prefer those where the author bares their soul and tells everything about their life. This is why I have a PhotoBlog as well as the other various pages about me. It's an almost complete experience of someone's life.

Too many of these new blogs are not like this. Sometimes I discover a blog that I feel is worth my time and effort to read, but more often than not, these are people who have been blogging for 6 months or more. I guess I should be patient with these newcomers to the blogging scene, because they may just find their voice.

I read somewhere that around 75% of new bloggers give up within 2 months. It is only those who enjoy the experience and perhaps understand exactly what blogging is who choose to carry on. I'm so very glad that I stuck with it, through rough times, because I am now having a great time blogging.

I actually enjoy stopping doing everything for half an hour and typing up the day's events, feelings and opinions. It's both relaxing, and, when times are bad, a release.

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this line of thought, but suffice it to say that I'm feeling slightly miffed that the world of blogging is being invaded by those who are not going to last, and have the dedication to update regularly.

At the same time, however, I have very little time for the so-called blogerati, the bloggers who have attained some sort of celebrity status. You know the kind of blogs I mean: Belle de Jour, Wil Wheaton (OK, so he was a celebrity first), Call Centre Confidential, and all of those types that are linked to by numerous other bloggers. Fuck that, I want a different kind of blog.

Basically, I think I want blogs that are like mine.

End of rant.


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