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Saturday, April 3

NOTE: Read the other post today first. PS, none of my horses came in, dammit.


I tried to ring Joe (the mate with the eventually mystical ticket) to see how his efforts in getting me a ticket were coming along, but he wasn't answering his phone, for whatever reason. All of the other people I'd tried didn't have / couldn't get me a ticket, so I was once again up shit creek without that boat.

Girl was fairly upset as well, so we went for a little walk down along the river, to try and delay her somewhat inevitable departure into Phase a little later (Christ, where did that little piece of lyricism come from?!). We sat on a bench at the back of Somerset House, and talked for a while, during which I kept checking the street to see if Joe was walking past. It was a wonderful moment, being alone with her, watching the world go buy on the other side of the river, and keeping each other warm.

Too bad it had to end eventually, no matter how much each of us didn't want it to. She had a Phase ticket to use, and I had, erm, a home to go to. Alone. Oh joy...

We said our goodbyes at the corner of the street where the Student Union stands, and I headed off, a little downcast (OK, so very downcast) to the Tube station at Temple. I had told Girl that I would probably still be up at 3am, when Phase finished, so I'd ring her then to talk until the wee small hours. What to do until then? I did have a couple of DVDs to watch, I told myself as I stood on the platform, waiting for the train to turn up.

And then my phone rang.

It was Girl. Somehow she'd managed to get me a ticket at the very, very last minute. Never in my life have I ever been so happy that the Tube was running with delays. In fact, I've never been happy full stop when there are delays.

I legged it up the stairs, and ran to the Student Union. It turned out that Girl was walking up the stairs to Phase at the top of the building, and two girls in front of her were talking about how much of a shame it was that their friend couldn't make it, seeing as they had a ticket for her. Girl leapt into the conversation, and said that she'd buy the spare ticket from them. Just how fucking lucky do you want to get!? Just think, if the Tube had been on time, I would have been underground and probably at Westminster by the time Girl rang me. I love chance.

The first ten / twenty minutes in Phase were crazy, because both of us kept bumping into people that we knew from all over the place, be it our classes, our housemates or our halls. I love Phase for that, it's so much easier to have a good time when you know that wherever you walk around the place, you're going to be able to find someone you know and chat away with them, or grab some drinks with them. It fucking kicks ass.

I had a great time that particular night too, even though I barely saw any of my mates to chat to after that initial period. I was too busy dancing with Girl for practically the entire night. She's a fantastic dancer, incredibly sexy, and never stops. I've no idea where she gets so much energy from, because I usually struggle to keep up.

However, I do feel a little guilty for breaking a rule that she has / used to have. Apparently, she never kisses in nightclubs, because she always thinks it's a little tacky. Ummm, not my fault! I couldn't resist.

It is at this point that I find myself thinking that I want to wax lyrical about Girl for a while, and just witter on endlessly about how she is the most amazing person in the world, incredibly beautiful and a gorgeous person to know. However, I might save that for another time, or perhaps in a private message to her. I'm not feeling that poetic right now either, so it'll probably end up being a piece of crap if I tried to write it now.

As I said, I had the best time ever on Friday night, something which I thought couldn't ever be topped. I was wrong. There was Monday evening too. But I shall save that story until a little later. Perhaps I shall write it up tomorrow, I shall have to make time to write.

And that is the tale of last Friday in its entirety. A tale of reunion; a tale of high drama; a tale of two hearts meeting across the void of time and space in this vast metropolis that seems to suck the life and soul from all those that pass through it.

Am I being sarcastic in that last sentence? I'm not sure, there could be some sort of irony on my part, or it could be heartfelt. I feel like those kids in that Hullabalooza episode of Simpsons:
Kid 1: "Getting shot with a cannonball? Oh, that's cool.
Kid 2: "Dude, are you being sarcastic?"
Kid 1: "I don't know any more."

And yes, I'm parapahrasing.

And yes, I'm rambling. It seems I have finally got my writing head on again after nearly a week's absence. At least I've been doing things this week that have been interesting to write about, something which I will get round to doing at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Finally, do you know what has been quite strange for me, writing this post? The weird thing is that I'm so happy right now, and yet I still have some creativity and the desire to write. Uusually I need to be pissed off or depressed before I feel like pouring my thoughts into a keyboard and onto this blog. It seems that the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

And for my absolute final (no, honestly this time), don't forget to go buy The Observer tomorrow, and look for the article about me (OK, so it's really about British blogging) in the Review section. I can't wait to read it!

Ciao for now.


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