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Saturday, April 3

Girl Part 2

For those of you that haven't read Girl Part 1 yet, go do it now. You may also want to read about the Decision I made in order for the following to make more sense. I don't have the links to hand, but try the last couple of weeks of the Archives.

Now, where did I leave my writing last time? Ahh yes, I'd just received a text message shortly after midnight on Thursday / Friday, but I didn't say who it was from. With the title of this post as it is, can you guess who sent it?

As a quick aside, I'd just like to mention that I'm going to keep using the word 'Girl' instead of her real name, because I like the effect that it gives, and it can also lead to some little wordplay tricks. I am, however, going to drop the capitalised personal pronouns, not because Girl has gone down in my estimation, but because it's so damn difficult to remember to type that every time!!!

Yes, the message was indeed from Girl, the first time I'd heard from her in 2 weeks. It was a little jokey music trivia (I lay claim to the title of Greatest Song Recognition Skills Ever) and a "Hi".

Did that message ever cheer me up after a day slogging through my Criminology coursework?! Did it fucking ever!!

We exchanged a few messages, mostly music trivia with some gentle flirting thrown in for good measure. We then arranged to meet in the Waterfront (our Student Union bar) at 10 the next night, and hopefully to go to Phase (the SU ultra-cheesy club night on a Friday) afterwards.

The problem herein was that I didn't have a ticket yet, whereas she did. They were selling like hotcakes too, what with it being the last Phase of the year. What was I to do? I'd even heard a few of my housemates going so far as to say it was sold out already, which very, very rarely (if ever) happens. I was up shit creek without a boat, never mind a fucking paddle.

Friday arrived and I rushed through the remainder of my courseworkm resulting in the submission of one of my worst ever essays. Ho hum, I'm not that fussed. I'm such a dedicated student.

I got a further message from Girl, saying that she wasn't going to her Thai-Boxing that night (oh yeah, Girl Thai boxes...and scares me), and was therefore wondering if we could meet at 9 instead of 10. Who was I to refuse?!

I rushed home from my class that afternoon, got changed (after watching Hollyoaks, of course!) and jumped back onto a Tube to get back down to Covent Garden for 9 o'clock. And I made it. I was early, for just about the first time in my life. I have no idea how I do it, but somehow I'm always late. Always, no matter what I do, except for leaving earlier... Meh.

Girl seemed very happy to see me, as I was to see her. We couldn't decide which bar to go to to grab a few drinks, and we ended up walking to Leicester Square before I remembered my favourite bar in the whole world was on the Sqaure. Oxygen fucking rules, it's such an amazingly cool bar / club. Admittedly, it's fairly pricey at the weekend, but it's soooo worth it. We wandered in, and grabbed a jug of this random cocktail, which was half-decent and went down very easily.

Will you all forgive me if I sound a little up myself and arrogant for a while? Also, Girl, this isn't meant to sound in any way unappreciative (DEFINITELY not!), but it's something that happened to me, and I must therefore write about it...

Hmmm, how do I say this without offending her or seeming particularly up my own ass? Bollocks to it, here goes: She was all over me.

Now for the explanation.

This is not to say that I didn't enjoy it (the complete opposite), and it is not to say that I didn't try to respond, but it is pretty much the first time that anyone of the opposite sex has ever shown that much interest in me in that way. I sound so sexually deprived, I know! It amazed me that someone who I really, really liked (that word love just keeps popping into my head) would feel anywhere near the same about me.

The music in Oxygen was wicked, loads of random old-school early 90s classics, and Girl kept dancing at (rather than with, because I wasn't quite inebriated enough to strut my funky stuff just yet) me whilst we were standing on the edge of the bar area. She was getting very close to me, but for some reason neither of us could quite kiss each other.

I have no idea why I was holding back, or even if I was holding back at all. I think I was just afraid; afraid that I was reading things wrong or afraid that I'd fuck things up if I went to kiss her and she didn't want that. I'm very insecure and unconfident in those situations, which is weird because I'm usually quite a confident guy during the rest of my day.

What was awkward / annoying was that I was still trying to get a Phase ticket. I was texting and calling everyone that I could think of in my phone's memory, desperately trying to get one. I wasn't that fussed about Phase itself, but I wanted to spend the rest of the night with Girl, rather than just the hour or two we'd had together that far. It just wasn't enough after 2 weeks without seeing or speaking to her.

She was also trying to get me a ticket, and it was after popping outside to make a yet another call that she came back in and planted a big kiss on my lips.

Come on, you felt a little burst of happiness for me well up inside you as you read that, right? You didn't? You heartless bastard, you!

I was a little surprised that it happened so suddenly, but I'm so glad that it did. It took the pressure away, and I was just able to enjoy it. I hope and I pray that she did too, and I have this inkling of a feeling that she did. Call it male intuition, if you will.

We left Oxygen at some time after 10, and walked down to the Strand and to our Student Union, where I was hoping to meet a mate of mine in the Waterfront, who had vaguely mentioned that he might be able to get me a ticket. A problem arose, however. Nobody was even allowed into the building itself without a Phase ticket. I was so screwed. Unbelievably gutted and let down.

I tried to ring Joe (the mate with the eventually mystical ticket)...

NOTE: A momentary pause in proceedings whilst I go watch the Grand National. I've got money on a couple of horses. I shall return imminently to continue the tale.


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