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Tuesday, February 10

A Story To Tell About One Of My Housemates

[Ripped wholesale from a post I made at RAGE. I can't be arsed to go through it and capitalise everything that needs capitalising. I'm sure you can read it and understand it...]

one of the guys i live with, let's call him "Matt", has been going out with this American girl (for the sake of argument, "Marissa") for a year now. they met when she came to our uni in January last year, and lived in the same halls as me, Matt and our other housemates.

now, Matt has always been a massive hit with the ladies. he is uber-confident, and in the first term of uni shagged god-knows how many girls in club toilets. i've no idea how he does it either, because he is an incredible slob and a drunk. meh.

this all changed when he met Marissa. he fell totally and utterly in love with her, and changed his ways completely. ahhhhhh, how cute. they were inseperable for 6 months, until she went back to NY in june. he went to see her for a fortnight over the summer, and they spoke every day on the phone for at least an hour.

last september, me, Matt and a few others moved into our current house. he still remained loyal to Marissa, although he did always start chatting to random girls every time we were out. they still spoke on the phone all the time as well.

she came over to england at the end of November for a week, and once again they were inseperable. she also came over just after new year for about 10 days. all seemed well.

then, after one random night out, Matt started chatting to this random girl on the night bus who got off at the same stop as we do. he invited her up for a cup of tea (of all things in the world!), one thing led to another, and they banged the night away.

this was about 3 weeks ago, and this new girl (Emma) has been over quite a lot since. she comes into the living room for a while, then they disappear upstairs and we see no more of them. she's a nice enough girl (well, for the kind of girl you pick up at a bus stop at 4am), as is Marissa, but we're not quite sure why Matt has suddenly given up on Marissa.

but wait, it gets a hell of a lot better.

Matt hasn't told Emma that he's got a long-distance girlfriend, and he obviously hasn't told Marissa about Emma. can you guess where the problems start?

the other day, he was on the phone to Marissa, trying to explain that he thinks it's time to call it a day on their relationship. she kind of hung up on him, from what i gather, so the next day he sent her an email (for fuck's sake!) telling her that it was over.

before he sent the email, Marissa rang Pete (another of our housemates) about 5 times overnight, crying at him and trying to get Matt to talk to her. he was ignoring her calls, you see.

at about the same time that Matt sent Marissa an email, she rang Pete again. once more, she was crying down the phone at him, only this time she claimed that she'd been raped. that was a bit out of the blue, to say the least.

Pete came off the phone and kept telling Matt to ring her. we were all in the living room, wetting ourselves at just how much of a bastard Matt had been, especially since that particular day was their one-year anniversary. talk about bad timing...

he eventually rang her, and tried to talk things out. it didn't happen. she apparently barely mentioned the rape thing at all, which leads us to believe that she might have been making that bit up.

the best bit is yet to come:

Marissa has booked a flight to england for this weekend (she sent Matt the booking details to prove it...), to plead with Matt that the relationship is worth saving. and what day is it this saturday? Valentine's Day!!! the best timing in the history of the world ever. Matt doesn't want to see her, and won't even go to the airport to meet her. i can picture her arriving at our doorstep, probably in tears, and Matt telling her in no uncertain terms to fuck off.

is he a bit of a bastard, or is she reacting really, really badly? i'll take a little bit from Column A, and a little bit from Column B.


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