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Monday, January 19


At least that's what I'm doing if my German Law teacher asks you. I kinda skipped my class this morning, and I've got to email him in a bit and tell him that I've got a heavy cold / flu or something. Unfortunately, I can't email him until I've written the essay that I was meant to hand in at the class. I'm such a disorganised layabout. I do enjoy my German Law classes, but I always seem to need an extra lie-in after the weekend's exertions. Of course, I could just go to bed a bit earlier on a Sunday night, but where's the fun in that?!

Yesterday was a weird day, to be honest. I dragged my ass out of bed just before midday, to be informed by a few of my housemates that we were all off to play some football at 1. I knew that I was supposed to write this essay, but meh, football is more important. I even abstained from watching the Arsenal game at the pub in order to play. How's that for dedication to fitness? Not that I'm fit. I was in goal for the first hour or so, barely having to run, but for the second hour I was out on pitch, running around like a madman. I was fucked by the end of it though, absolutely knackered. Damn, I need to get fit.

I did end up with a peach of a bruise on my thigh though, from where me and this other guy collided pretty full-on late on in the game. His knee must have connected squarely with my thigh, because my leg went pretty dead, and now there's a nice purple patch on it... Very sore too.

Anyway, on the way back it was decided that there was going to be a massive clean-up of the house, once we'd all cleaned our muddy selves up. I didn't have much of a say in this, and Pete pissed me off when he said that I shouldn't be exempt from doing the washing-up. This may seem like a very minor point, but I'm the one who always ends up doing any huge pile of washing-up that builds up. I know that I'm partly to blame, because I'm terrible for not washing my own stuff up as soon as I use it, but nor does anyone else. At least I eventually get round to doing the whole lot. A couple of Fridays ago, my first one back in London, I spent nearly four hours just washing up. I was doing it alone, and the rest of the house were in the living room, watching TV or whatever. I think I mentioned this a couple of posts ago with Alex saying thank-you.

Anyway, what Pete said pissed me off because my point is not that I should be exempt from washing-up full stop, but that I should be exempt from doing a big pile of washing up. I was really pissed off that my hard work was still not being appreciated, and I pretty much sulked in my room for the rest of the evening. I had no idea whether any cleaning was actually being done, and nor did I care. I don't make as much mess as the rest of them, and I'd done more than my fair share for the past few weeks.

I've no idea how I killed nearly 5 hours last night, just listening to music and surfing the web. I didn't even post here! I spent a bit of time on, watching the live updates for the two conference games, as well as reading an incredible amount of news. I also stumbled across the Graduate Opportunities page at Reuters, the news agency, and realised that working for them is exactly what I want to do. They require fluency in a language other than English, which I've pretty much got now, and will definitely have this time next year (I'm going to be living in Germany...).

The only problem is that I have absolutely no experience in the field of journalism, even though it's the only career which I am seriously considering right now. I was going to pop along to the Careers Service office at King's today, after my class, but I guess that it will have to wait until tomorrow. I also keep meaning to go along to the office of the student newspaper, Roar, and see if they have anything that I can do. I'd much rather do something with them than spend hours online, doing fuck-all every night. But, we'll see. They'll probably tell me to fuck off and leave them alone. Ain't nothing like a pessimist view.

Right, I'm going to write this essay, even if it kills me. At least I have an Arsenal game to look forward to tomorrow night to keep me going.


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