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Saturday, August 30

Pig Feed And Vodka

That basically sums up my Thursday. Yeah, I know that I seem to be getting behind, but I was far too hungover earlier today (for reasons to be explained in a minute) to get anywhere near a computer. It's the bright light of the screen, hurts my (bloodshot) eyes. Oh, and the pig feed and vodka weren't at the same time...

To explain the post from Wednesday first (jeez, I'm going further and further back before getting anywhere near today's events), what happened was:
Bailey's (my employment agency) rang me on Tuesday (even further back...) to ask me if I could work at this place called Countrywide on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I said yes, mainly because I was getting bored with being home alone all day every day. I turned up on Wednesday morning, and they finally sent me to go work a few floors up in this big motherfucker of a mill / factory. The place makes dried pellet feed for cattle and pigs, you've probably seen it if you don't live in a city. I was told on the phone that I'd probably be putting the big bags of it onto pallets, as well as a little bit of cleaning and all that. No worries (I've been saying that far too much recently, must be turning antipodean), I thought, I can cope with that. I got there, was handed a broom and told to sweep this part of the factory, as well as all of the dust from the big machines. It was hot and dusty and fucking horrible. After that, I was handed a shovel and told to clean from under this machine. This was all sludgy and smelt terrible, but I did it anyway, shovelling it up and putting it into bags. Later, I found out that the sludge was in fact the fat that they put into the food. I was constantly getting the crap on my hands and all over my trousers, and I was so pissed off at how bad the job was.

I popped home at lunchtime to let my dog out for a piss, and while I was there I rang Bailey's to ask them to unbook me for Thursday and Friday. I was quite happy to finish the rest of Wednesday's shift, because I'm not the kind of person to walk out of a shift half-way through. They were bastards on the phone, saying that they'd already had a couple of people walk out of there this week (not telling you something, maybe?), and that I was booked in until the end of the week. I eventually said fine, I'll do it, and promptly hung up on them. I was so angry, and for the rest of the shift all I could think about was going into the office and having a go at them.

Which I did as soon as I finished the day's work. I walked in, went up to the relevant desk and said "I'm just here to tell you to never ask for a favour from me ever again." They were taken aback, and I went to walk out, but Alex called me back and asked me to have a chat. He tried to put across his side ("We can't actually force you to work"), but I couldn't be fucking bothered with him. I left and went home. They then called me up a few hours later, asking me to work just the Thursday, and promising to pay me a higher hourly rate for both Wednesday and Thursday "as a bonus" for doing the job. I was already intending to go back anyway, and was really short with them on the phone. I'm one of those kind of people who has a conscience and feel guilty if I let someone down (i.e. by not turning up to a job when I'm booked to do it).

I went back in on Thursday, which was a little better since it wasn't as hot, and wasn't messy. I spent the whole 8 hour shift with a broom in my hands, sweeping the ground floor of the mill, which was covered in so much dust it wasn't even funny, and putting the dust into bags to go in the bins. I am now the proud owner of a pair of nicely blistered hands (the owner isn't pleased about that) and a slight cough from all of the dust.

Thursday night was a good one. A fucking good one. We didn't go out until after 9pm, which is about 2 hours later than usual, but I still managed to get a lot more drunk than usual, and spend a lot less than usual. i blame the double vodkas for 1 at Buds. We stopped at the West End to meet a few people, then headed down to Buds. A little bit of queuing, then a whole lot of vodka-redbulls. They really fuck you up. The vodka makes you a little tired, but the Red Bull wakes you up and gives you loads of energy. A good state to be in. It was a good laugh, sitting / standing around outside, chatting to a few friends I hadn't seen in a while (they were out of the country, the bastards) and periodically returning to the bar for more drink.

I don't remember leaving Buds, I remember a bit of being in Acropolis (the best kebab shop in the history of the world ever™), and I remember most of the walk home. I live about 2 miles out from the center of town, and it's a nice walk home at the end of the night. Most of my mates live near me, so there's always someone at the end of the night to walk with. As far as I remember, it was just me and Barclay last night, everybody else had already fucked off. Actually, we met Powello on the way and the 3 of us stumbled the rest of the way home.

I don't remember actually getting in the front door or anything. The next thing I remember is waking up at 8.20am in an armchair in my living room, still fully clothed. The TV was on too, but showing just a blue screen. Putting two and two together, I reckon I must have sat down to watch some music, and the channel which I was watching was one which stopped broadcasting at 6am, hence the blue screen when I woke up. I was still drunk at this point, because I was all over the stairs on my way up to go to bed properly. I think I woke up again at 10 to investigate a knock at the door (nobody there. there never is when you think you hear something and haul your ass out of bed to go check), and then woke up for good around midday. Feeling like complete shit, I might add.

Yes, vodka-redbull is good fun when you're on it, but it gives the worst hangovers ever. I know this, and yet I still drink the stuff. Well, it is sooooo cheap... Meh, at least I didn't have to go to work. Nope, today I stayed in and did a load of housewifey things. Like I said, I'm home alone, and my Mum is very houseproud, so I've got to keep the place together. I did some hoovering, some washing-up and even washed some clothes. The laundry basket was overflowing, so I figured it was about time. Don't ask me to iron anything though, I can't iron for shit.

Made myself this lush dinner as well. I enjoy cooking, and I'm a master of throwing something together from whatever's in the cupboards. Today, it was some peppers, some onion, some mushrooms, some passata (sieved tomatoes), some tuna and some pasta, all mixed up to make something vaguely resembling a tuna napolitana. Except mine was so tasty, unlike the packet stuff. I'm very proud of that meal, even if I haven't done the washing up yet. It'll still be there tomorrow.

Last night we also made some big plans for Saturday. It could be a 3pm start for an all-day drinking session. Not good for a) my liver and b) my bank balance. Although, I am getting a bonus, so just maybe....


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