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Thursday, August 21

On Teeth and The Origins Of Life

Another couple of fillings today, and this time they didn't put enough bastard anaesthetic in. One of the two teeth wasn't overly numb, so it fucking hurt when the dentist shoved the drill in. I swear he was drilling directly on the nerve. The anaesthetic kicked in properly about half-an-hour after leaving the dentist's. Fat lot of good it did then. 57 it cost me for the series of 4 fillings. 57! My parents had better be giving that money back to me...

I went to see that new Tomb Raider film as well tonight. I'm not a huge fan of the game, nor am I particularly infatuated with the first film, but my sister wanted to go, so I thought I'd better show willing. It was pretty good actually, although a couple of bits were pretty crap. I liked a bit near the end for the photography and camera angles involved. It's set in this series of caves which are made up of big holes left, right and centre. You know the type I mean. The ones where the interconnecting walls, floors and roofs all look the same, and just seem to frame the holes, rather than being the substance of the cave itself. Anyway, Lara and this guy are walking through these holes to get to where they're going, but the camera films them from all sorts of angles. Upside-down, leaning and perpendicular to horizontal all feature. This all transpires to give a really effective piece of cinema, reminiscent of those paintings where people seem to be walking at all angles. An Italian artist, if memory serves. Labyrinth, thats the film where a similar scene takes place! In David Bowie's palace, there is a magic room where gravity seems to be from all sides. The baby is seen crawling up the wall, whilst the girl runs out and is upside down from the perspective of the camera. Great cinematography.

Also, I've been working fairly flat-out today on the new design for this blog, and I think that I've got it perfected. I might load it on a little later, we'll see.


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