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Saturday, August 16

Lack Of Inspiration For A Title

I tells thee, I does, that my CV is looking fuller every day. That would be resume for all you Yanks. Actually, whilst on the subject, I am making a stand against the americanisation of English. Fine, speak in your strange manner on your side of the Pond, but don't slyly infiltrate our language here in Blighty with your odd spellings and stupid words. I hereby declare that I shall make an effort not to use any American words in my posts, wherever possible. If you see any examples, please point them out so that I can deal out retribution. And why isn't tag-board working? Stupid bloody tag-board.

Where was I? Oh yeah, my CV. Yesterday, I added to my Skills list "Can wash out big metal cubes." Today I was able to add "Can stick labels on trays of pots of cream on a production line" and (and!) "Can stack trays of pots of cream on a pallet."

Wow, two (two!) new skills in one day. I rule.

That's my favourite quote from a film ever. Bonus points for naming the film, character and situation in which it occurs. Hmmm, tag-board is broken though. Bugger it, it's from American Beauty. Kevin Spacey's character (the name escapes me) has just bought his dream car. "It's a '69 Firebird, the car I've always wanted. And now I own it. I rule." Accompanied by thrusting a fist in the air.

I love that film so much. It's just brilliant on so many levels. The ending throws you completely. The characters are so deep and full of surprises. I need to go rent that film from somewhere. Note, "film," not "movie." And not just because that particular film is a piece of art rather than a money-grabbing-no-real-value-blockbuster. Nope, it's because the English way of saying it is "film." Stupid Americans.


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