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Saturday, June 7

Fight Night

Loads of things to say today, so get prepared for a fairly lengthy read...

Firstly, Thursday night I went to Cardiff with my Dad to see Yes. We stopped off in the city centre before the gig to go to a Jessops store to get my new digital camera, which was nice. I finally decided on an Olympus Camedia C-350, which looks like this. It's so cool to have a digital camera again, I haven't taken any pictures in ages. Like I said in an earlier post, expect pictures of random things everywhere from now on!

After that we stopped off at a pub for a couple of beers, then went on to another pub to get something to eat. I only had 2 or 3 drinks, so I was stone cold sober, and my Dad was the same, but it was pretty funny to hear him swear. I very rarely hear my Dad swear, he tends not to, but he was throwing "shit" and "fuck" into nigh-on every sentence. My Mum is much more liberal about that sort of thing, especially in the few years since my little sister started secondary school. It's quite comical the way in which whenever she drops something or does something like that, she just goes "oh shit!" or "fuck!" LOL. The best thing is when you take the mick out of her for a little bit, she gives you the V-sign and mouths the words "fuck off." She can't quite bring herself to say that, for a reason which I can't determine.

Anyway, back to Cardiff. The gig itself was wicked, even if I almost fell asleep during the first couple of songs. I'd barely slept the night before, another one of my random insomnia nights, and I just couldn't keep my eyes open during those first two songs. I was alright after that, and the gig was really good. The bass player to my mind looked as if he was slightly upset not to be in The Rolling Stones or a similar band because of the way he seemed to be rocking out with his bass. And the guitarist, who was brilliant, reminded me so much of the evil teacher for the video to "Another Brick In The Wall" by the mighty Pink Floyd. I'll try to find a couple of pictures to illustrate the point.

The drive back home was cool too, because we found some random Black Sabbath albums in the CD changer in the car, so we were listening to them full blast for the hour and a half back to Melksham. My Dad and me actually have a few things in common, which is weird. Well, it's probably not weird, but I find it odd. I never used to be into the same music as him, but since I got into metal music a few years ago, and the early metal music since being at uni, we've found a common love in music. We both love Beer (that's more of a general guy thing, methinks) and computers as well. Just so long as I don't get into classical music, I'll cope. Can't be doing with any of that crap.

Back to uni yesterday, a 2 hour drive back, singing along to my CDs all of the way. Got to love it. Eventually parked my car. I hate doing parallel parking, but in London, it's that or nothing. After mounting the kerb once, I got it sorted. Nothing too major happened during the day, everyone was too hungover from a (apparently) big night on Thursday. The evening was a good laugh though, up to a point. There was a hawaiian party in the student bar on campus (a god-awful scuzzhole, if truth be told), so I threw on the loudest shirt that I own, a pair of shorts and some sandals, downed a few beers and made my way down there. A whole lot Smirnoff Black Ices later, I was drunk enough to dance. I need a fair few drinks before I dance, but once I start, you can't stop me. As per usual for the entire year, the people on my floor were the centre of the party, up on the tables and chairs dancing, as well as on the pool table. I was up there too, getting my groove on with a few of the lovely ladies. It was all a good laugh, and I was in my element.

Afterwards, we went over to another one of the halls on the campus (Maynard) because we'd been told that the party was continuing there. Well, that wasn't quite true. There was certainly a lot of people there, but the party didn't quite develop. What did develop was a water-fight. Somebody brought out a water pistol, which was followed by pots of water flying all over the place. Somehow I managed to keep my beer and me dry for ages, whereas everybody else was drenched. Eventually Liz covered me with a pot of water, but it was a good laugh. Security then turned up, so the vast majority of us vanished back to our kitchen to drink some more. We were there for a half hour or so when we got word that there was a fight involving a couple of people from our floor. You know what it's like when you get told something like that, you've got to go see what was going on.

When we got outside, Matt and Pete were sitting down, chatting to a security guard and another student, Aadeel. I didn't bother saying anything then, because I had no idea what had happened. Everyone was just trying to convince Matt that it wasn't worth hunting for this other guy, apparently the source of the aggravation, because Matt would get into a shedload of trouble about it. When we went back inside, I got told the full story. After the water-fight, somehow a bit of ill-will kicked off. Pete got karate-kicked in the chest (!), and Matt got hit a few times. What really set it off was that Matt's girlfriend, Marissa, stepped into the middle of things to try and stop whatever was happening, but this guy hit her in the face, sending her through a door and onto her back. Matt just flipped, but somehow Pete held him back whilst the other guy legged it. I'm impressed Pete managed this, because Matt is a big guy. I definitely wouldn't mess. Pete definitely did the right thing, because Matt would have ripped that guy llimb from limb.

Pete was castrating himself about this for a while afterwards, because he was just as angry as Matt at the other guy for doing what he did to Marissa, but I truly feel that he did the right thing. After a time it all calmed down and I hope that's the end of it. Matt, Marissa and Pete are making written statements so that King's College itself can deal with the other guy, which is a better thing to do than to hunt for him themselves. Obviously, my view would be completely different were I in Matt's position, but I am slightly distanced from the whole affair, which makes it a bit easier to comment on.

The last thing that happened was a debate that we were having in the kitchen. Myself, Chris and Rob (Kilner) were sitting around, talking over the big questions concerning religion, existence and the like that you only talk about when you've had a few beers. That was quite good actually, we were making some interesting points, and having some great debating. A few more people joined in, including Pete and Matt, and the subject somehow shifted onto the subject of war. I was arguing that British soldiers had shot Iraqis in the recent war, which they blatantly did, but Chris could not / would not accept the point. He went completely schiz, and started chucking stuff about, including a few mugs out of the window (we live on the second floor...). I've seen Chris drunk a huge amount of times, and whilst he can get a bit loud and a bit aggressive, I've never ever seen him like that. He just went completely red, eyes bulging and everything. There was Coke flying everywhere because a bottle got knocked over, and the kitchen looks a real state this morning. Not what you want to see when you're thoroughly hungover.

I hope all of that wasn't too much to read, but my life turned interesting during the past few days...

Plummet - Damaged
Robbie - Rock DJ
Punjabi MC - Yogi


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