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Friday, May 2

Toilets, Mutants & Flapjacks

Blogger isn't working tonight, so I'll put this up sometime tomorrow when it eventually restores itself... (Or I can just do it now, because Blogger has fixed itself.)

A lot of things I actually want to say, so Blogger not working is a pain in the proverbial. Just a quick something first, something which only guys will fully understand and appreciate. No, not female nudity, but toilet mannerisms.

Have you ever noticed that in guys toilets, a guy will never stand next to another guy unless absolutely necessary?! If there are individual urinals, a guy will choose one so that he has an emty one on each side, and if there is a big wall urinal, a guy will distance himself from anybody else in there. It's all some sort of subconscious thing where a guy always believes that he has a smaller penis than everybody else in the world. But, he cannot bring himself to really believe this, so never gives himself the opportunity to compare. That and the beating / social outcasting he will receive if he gets caught looking. Oh, and have you ever noticed just how quiet men's toilets are? Especially in motorway service stations. Nobody ever says a word, and eye contact is frowned upon in a big way. Hmm, that wasn't actually a quick thing, was it?

Went to see X-Men 2 tonight, the day it was released. Yes, I'm very sad, but hey, it's X-Men!!! And it was the best superhero film ever, no, really! Oh, and it had the trailer for Matrix: Reloaded attached. I'd seen it online already, but that was nothing on seeing it on a huge cinema screen. I'm so, so, so excited about seeing that film. Think I may have to watch the first again, just to get me in the mood. Oh yeah, that's definitely worth doing for X-Men 2, because there's a few references to the first film in it. And Warner Village Cinemas have the best seats ever. They're huge and incredibly comfortable. Well done Warner Village, send me some free stuff for this plug...

Made some flapjacks today. I rule at cooking. Everyone who has tried one so far has said they're really good, probably just to keep me happy. I'm very proud of my cooking abilities, especially seeing as cheese on toast was my limit 6 months ago... Thanks due to Patrick, my American roommate, for that, I think. I was just in the mood to do some creative cooking today, mainly to stave off doing revision for a little while longer. I actually started doing some today. A whole 2 hours! Not good. Anyway, the phone call I made to my mum must have been one of the weirdest she's received from me since the "I've lost my two front teeth" episode (another time children, be patient). I basically just wanted to know what flapjacks should look like when you take them out of the oven. She seemed surprised to say the least, especially considering I'd only spoken to her yesterday. I'm not one of those people who likes to ring home a whole lot, can't see the point to be honest. A couple of the girls on my floor ring home every day... Having problems letting go girls?

Oh, and I just want to apologise to Alanna for seeming stealing a whole load of your ideas. I just never seem to find the things like Dante's Hell Test on my travels around the web, plus your site is one of the first I visit every day. The last thing I'm going to steal (I prefer borrow, anyway) is the indent thingy with the solid border on the left. Looks like this...
Keep on Truckin'

Cheers people.

Disturbed - Want
Zwan - Jesus / Mary Star of the Sea
Papa Roach - Last Resort
Smilez & Southstar - Tell Me


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