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Wednesday, April 30

Toilet Man

Yes, I'm hungover. Yes, it was a good night. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And yes, there was a man in the toilets expecting money just for handing you a paper towel to dry your hands. That really annoys me. It's like some sort of guilt complex to give him some money because he has a small collection plate with other people's money already on it. All pound coins as well, so you have to give him a pound as well, so that he doesn't see you as cheap. There's also a guilt complex that you have to wash your hands every time as well, because otherwise he'll regard you as dirty next time you come in... When you're drunk, these guilt complexes are intensified, so it becomes even more of a vicious loop. You have to pay to go to the toilet! But such is life. Sort of.

Oh, and when you've had a few to drink it is not (I repeat, not) good fun to start a dead arm competition with one of your mates. I now have the biggest bruise on my arm, and it's really painful to bend it. Right on the bicep muscle, or what would be a bicep muscle on a guy who is ever-so-slightly more toned than me. Piccies to illustrate:

This is what a normal arm should look like. Look at me in my sexy white boxers and jeans...
This is what my right arm looks like today. Ow.

As I promised, I've started taking pictures of some random things that just amuse me. Today's installment is a picture of my cutlery, of all things. I bought a new set the other day, and just fell in love with this one in the shop. Every time I eat with them, I just chuckle endlessly to myself. Not the best picture, I'm afraid, but it shows them quite well. If you can't make it out, the fork has a pig on it, and says "Oink" on it; the knife has a cow, and says "Moo." Genius.
The cutlery of the Gods. Gods with a sense of humour, that is.

Just heard an ad on the radio for the Evening Standard newspaper. Apparently there's a free Greatest Dance Hits of the 90's CD in tomorrow's paper. That is my era, music-wise, so I may just have to pick that up. The ad played snippets of some of my favourite ever tunes, including Ebeneezer Goode by The Shamen. Classic tunage!

Cheers people, and thankyou for leaving me messages over there on the right. Makes me feel all popular...

Madonna - American Life (Remix)
Blackstreet - No Diggity
Misteeq - Scandalous
Tomkraft - Loneliness


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