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Monday, April 14

No blogs for a little while, but, well, there's no reason, I guess I just haven't... But this is a nice big post to make up for it. Nothing major happening in my life at the moment, just getting a bit bored with being in Melksham. It's just not London!!! I've had quite a good day today, still building that damn gazebo with my dad. It's starting to come together, at last. but it's dangerous work! I cut my head nicely open on a clamp hanging from it, blood matting my hair a little bit.

I got absolutely twatted on Thursday night, don't remember leaving the pub, how I got home or anything. I do remember drinking some Bailey's and Lime, no idea why. Curdling creamy alcohol is not a good idea... And for some reason, me and a mate decided to hit each other full on in the ribs, whilst standing at the bar. Again, no idea why... Stupid bloody alcohol. Wasn't feeling pleasant all day Friday, one of my worst hangovers for ages. Oh well, no pleasure without pain, as they say.

I found this article on Synaesthesia on my travels around the internet today. Synaesthesia is the neurological condition where the experience of one sense stimulates the mind through another sense, such as seeing a colour when hearing a sound. I found the article to be a really interesting read, even though I'm not 100% sure of the subject matter as a whole. I guess basic psychology / neurology is something that interests me as an aside from my usual hobbies / interests. The following is taken from the article above, and is a basic theory of the condition:
ABSTRACT: Synesthesia (Greek, syn = together + aisthesis = perception) is the involuntary physical experience of a cross-modal association. That is, the stimulation of one sensory modality reliably causes a perception in one or more different senses. Its phenomenology clearly distinguishes it from metaphor, literary tropes, sound symbolism, and deliberate artistic contrivances that sometimes employ the term "synesthesia" to describe their multisensory joinings. An unexpected demographic and cognitive constellation co-occurs with synesthesia: females and non-right-handers predominate, the trait is familial, and memory is superior while math and spatial navigation suffer. Synesthesia appears to be a left-hemisphere function that is not cortical in the conventional sense. The hippocampus is critical for its experience. Five clinical features comprise its diagnosis. Synesthesia is "abnormal" only in being statistically rare. It is, in fact, a normal brain process that is prematurely displayed to consciousness in a minority of individuals.

A very funny webpage, mocking the new icons that the U.S government has decided to use in order to educate and protect its citizens, can be found here. I'm just glad that at least one American, somehow, somewhere, has grasped irony and a decent sense of humour. Well, apart from Bill Bryson, but he lived here in the Uk for ages, so he doesn't properly count as American!


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