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Saturday, May 29

Alcohol - The Bane Of And Reason For My Existence

Good Things About Yesterday

Bad Things About Yesterday

And that's about it for yesterday. Suffice it to say that I was fairly hungover this morning, not to mention being absolutely knackered. And where did I find myself by 1 in the afternoon? In the pub!

Me and Pete went to grab some lunch and to watch football, but there was absolutely no way that I was going anywhere near any alcohol. It was all about Cokes today. That and some very tasty food.

It was a great atmosphere in the pub today for the playoff final between West Ham and Crystal Palace. One of my housemates is a Hammer, and there were loads of them in there, getting very loud and all the more desperate as the game slipped away from them.

The funniest / most worrying aspect was this guy who was so very angry, from the kick-off through to the final whistle. He was shouting at the screen, and looked like the veins on the side of his head were going to burst at any minute. It wouldn't have surprised me if he had been on the Stella since 12.

At one point, West Ham had a goal disallowed for offside, but all of the fans in the pub didn't realise that it had been ruled out, and so were up and cheering. When they noticed that it had been disallowed, they groaned and made their way back to their seats.

A lone Crystal Palace fan got up and mockingly told them to "ssssshh". The angry man from above shouted back at him, across the big room, to "shut the fuck up, you four-eyed speccy cunt!", because the guy had glasses on. This angry man looked like he was ready to murder someone.

We left pretty quickly after the final whistle, because it looked like their was going to be some more aggro between the 20-odd Hammers fans and the 3 Palace fans, All of the West Ham fans looked like proper punchy bastards, and the Palace guys were being a little too cocky and conspicuous in their celebrations.

Ahh, English pubs on match days, is there anything better in the world? I have yet to find it.

Friday, May 28

And So The Conquering Enemies Are Vanquished

Or, The Tale of How My Exams Are Over.

Yes, my last exam was today. It went as well as could reasonably be anticipated, which in layman's terms means it went badly, but not quite as badly as I was expecting. I think I managed 2 good essays out of 3, which is about adequate.

We (my classmates and me) went for a few drinks afterwards, seeing as it was our last exam, and it just so happened that our tutor, who was at the exam, happened to be there. He's a little serious for my liking, but I guess that you can't really let your hair down at 2 in the afternoon, surrounded by your students, and with their exam papers in your briefcase.

I'm not overly in the mood for writing right now (I'm a little drunk...), so suffice it to say that I' grabbing a quick spot of dinner before I head off to a mate's house for a house party.

All I can say is to expect a hungover post tomorrow.

Oh, and in ultra-important news, my order for Series 7 of Buffy has been posted. It was on sale (i.e. mega-cheap) at, so I figured that I might as well complete my collection. It was only 30, after all.

And yes, buying more Buffy DVDs is what I do instead of revising... To quote my favourite film ever, I rule. Bonus points for the first person to identify the film.

Thursday, May 27

Advanced Criminal Law Exam Worries

It's now a mere 14 hours until the start of my final exam, in Advanced Criminal Law. Yet again I have done nowhere near as much revision as I wanted to and should have done. I am thus fretting somewhat about the exam.

And yet I find myself still lacking the motivation and inclination to do a few more hours of last-minute revision. The thought of picking up my notes and reading a few more articles does not fill me with rapturous anticipation. I'd rather be doing anything but that!

So once more I find myself online, browsing and not actually doing anything worthwhile. It's always the way. I love the internet dearly, and yet I never actually seem to do anything of any note whilst I'm online.

Either that or I get interested in a completely random subject and end up with about 5 windows open on that topic. I then read masses on it, before forgetting it all and not thinking about it again.

Take the last few minutes, for example. For some reason, I thought of the word "metaphysics", and how I'd read it a few times in various books without knowing what it meant. A quick google for it, and I now know the basics. The problem is that I really didn't actually want to know that, and I should have spent that time doing something more productive, such as revision.

I do this all the time when I'm a little bored. Something grabs my fancy, I follow a link, and then another, and then another, all with no purpose or greater aim. It truly is just plain surfing, browsing with no intent. And it annoys me that I do it so well, and probably too often.

I could be spending this time revising, or reading the unread books on my shelves, or researching something worthwhile online, or hunting for a job, or sorting out my move to Germany this Autumn, or having a social life, or a thousand and one other ways to fill my time.

Damn this internet, damn its entrancing and welcoming effect on me!

Wednesday, May 26

That Webcam Thing, Again

Cool, I've just found a little piece of Javascript at which enables my little RobCam to update itself whilst anyone is on the blog. It refreshes every 60 seconds, which should mean that you will see at least a couple of pictures whilst reading the blog, as I send a new picture every 210 seconds to my server. With any luck they'll coincide a lot of the time.

Oh, and you'll get to see my "regal" chair...

Looking Down On Mere Mortals

This may not seem overly newsworthy, but it is something that I feel merits writing about.

I've just swapped chairs in my room. That is it, that is the bombshell. I bet you didn't see that one coming...

Yes, it's particularly uninteresting for you, not being me and all that, but it's something which has amused me a little. My old chair was a little wooden one, and to be honest it was falling apart. I kept feeling very uneasy as it creaked every time I shifted my weight.

Coupled with the physical ADD which I described earlier this week, this makes for an uncomfortable time in front of the computer. Thankfully, we had a spare armchair in the living room that no-one liked to sit on, so I've thieved it and put it in my room.

It's amazingly comfortable. It's a huge, high-backed old-style armchair, with those little "wings" on the side of the back, covering the side of your face somewhat. It's very regal, which is why I've given this post the title it has. Unfortunately, it's a little lower than I'm used to, but at least I can completely relax and slouch in it. Glorious.

Although I could now be a prime candidate for RSI, because I have to stretch a little to reach the keyboard. Ahh well, 'tis a small price to pay for the comfort my ass is currently in...

In other news, I've actually cracked on with some revision for Friday's exam. It's all about leaving it until the last minute, as per usual...

I also stumbled across another blog last night that I have deemed worthy of inclusion on my links list. I'm not quite sure why I enjoy reading Trivial Liberation, but hopefully the author will maintain the same level of quality writing.

Oh, and in a quick note to all of those websites / blogs who have linked to me, I'm afraid I'm not one of those who engages in a link-reply, where I will link to your blog just because you link to me. My relatively small list of links is to those blogs that I read on a daily basis, and enjoy reading. I do check those blogs that link to me, but not quite as often as those on the left here. Thankyou nonetheless for the links!

Finally, I received through the post this morning the cable which enables me to link my phone to my computer and download all of the pictures that I've been taking. This should mean that I take loads more pictures when I'm out and about, as my phone is always in my pocket at all times, and then I'll get them posted on the PhotoBlog pretty sharpish. The quality of the pictures is half-decent, which is a little surprising considering the camera doesn't exactly look fantastic. So yeah, stay tuned for more pictures from my random meanderings around London and through my life...

Something On TV This Evening

I don't know if anyone else (in the UK) saw the programme on Channel 4 earlier, 'Death in Gaza', but it was mind-blowing.

Actually, disturbing is perhaps the better word to use to describe it.

It's one of those programmes which forces you to realise just how lucky you have it. I don't fear death every day; I don't desire to be a martyr; I didn't scout the streets at night for paramilitaries when I was 11; I haven't lost 8 members of my family to enemy gunfire; I don't have huge sections of my town bulldozed every day; I live a very comfortable life, a million miles away from the desolation and war that ravages these people, these children's lives.

And yet the sheer mind-numbing quality of these pictures, of these stories affects me. I just cannot comprehend how these children can be manipulated so as to desire martyrdom above all else in life. The main boy that the documentary followed, Ahmed, never spoke of dying, but always of "being martyred".

That scares me. To think that these children have been so fully initiated into this war, this Jihad, that they want nothing but a glorious death in battle or resistance against the "pigs" (Israelis), disturbs me greatly.

I don't know enough about the Israel-Palestine situation to have a fully informed opinion on it, but for it to have reached the position it now finds itself in, where children are willing, nay demanding, to die for the cause, seems so very wrong.

It's shocking and upsetting that it has taken the violent and unprovoked death of a foreign journalist for Ahmed (and his friend) to see sense and rebut their initial aim of martyrdom.

The footage of that event was also truly moving. We see James and two of his crew go out from the building they were in, in the dark, to inform the Israeli soldiers that they were leaving the area. They had a white flag, and bulletproof vests emblazoned with the letters "TV".

The most distressing aspect of the scene was that James was carrying a torch, shining its beam on the white flag as they walked towards the Armoured Personnel Carrier. We cannot see them as they move away from the camera, only the flag lit by the torch.

A shot rings out, the voiceover noting that they thought at the time it was a warning shot. A second shot pierces the darkness. The torch falls, its beam now shining along the ground on which it lands. James has been hit. All we can see in the darkness is the small disc of light where the torch now lies near James' side. The voiceover tells us that he has been shot in the neck, and died instantly.

The fear and adrenaline that is now running through you is amplified by a third shot and an altogether louder crack. This, we are told, was the bullet hitting the wall mere feet from the cameraman. The cameraman and producer dive behind the doorframe. No longer is the outside scene the subject of the camera's viewfinder.

Instead, we see the producer, on the other side of the doorway from the camera, attempting to peer out into the darkness and determine what exactly had happened.

That little 2 minute piece hit me like a ton of bricks. I've seen similar footage a few times on TV before, but that was especially real, especially vivid even in the near total darkness. The simple, monotone voiceover, devoid of emotion, seemed detached from the scene, from the raw fear.

You could still hear the shouting and the cries from the other 2 crew members that went out into the darkness with James, all the while seeing on screen the producer in the doorway, too afraid for his own safety to even poke his head round the doorframe in an attempt to see what was happening. The cameraman was no different. If someone with a gun has got your position in their sights, and has already fired at you, you are quite simply not going to stick your head out from cover.

I feel as if I am rambling, which is doing injustice to a fantastic piece of TV documentary. Channel 4 has excelled itself recently, documentary-wise, and this piece has been the best so far.

Of course, it all goes a little downhill on the quality TV front when they start the news series of Big Brother on Friday, but a little light entertainment can't hurt too much, can it?

Tuesday, May 25

Exhaustion From, Erm, Sitting On My Ass

I'm all Lord Of The Rings-ed out.

We (myself, Pete and Matt) just sat through Return of the King on DVD. That's over 3 hours of sitting on our asses in front of the TV. To be honest, it had to be done. Today was the day it was released, and I'm a little surprised that no-one actually bought it.

We have both The Fellowship and The Two Towers between us, and seeing as 4 of the 7 in the house are absolute fanatics, it was almost a give that one of us would buy it. Personally, I'm waiting for November, when the Extended Version will be released, hopefully with a box-set of the entire trilogy.

Around 13 hours of Lord of the Rings will make an ideal Christmas present, thankyou very much. Oh, and I'm also banking on the release of a box set of The Matrix trilogy, hopefully bundled with the Animatrix and a whole host of extras.

Two worthy additions to my DVD collection, I'm sure. All I need to do is to convince my parents to buy them for me, because they are no doubt going to be quite ridiculously priced. I've pretty much spanked up all my spare money on those Buffy DVDs that were delivered yesterday. It is definitely going to be worth the expenditure though...

'Twas A Very Very Good Day

I'm a little peeved and pissed off at the moment, so I'm going to cheer myself up a bit by writing about yesterday, which was a fantastic day.

Although I'm not a huge fan of getting out of bed before 10, yesterday I had good reason to: we were going to Lord's to watch the last day of the First Test between England and New Zealand. Oh, and for only a tenner for a ticket, which is a deal so good that we just had to go!

The first ultra-pleasant surprise was when I opened the door to my bedroom to be confronted by a large box with the logo on the side. My Buffy DVDs! I'd received an email on Sunday evening telling me that they'd just been posted, but I wasn't expecting them to arrive until much later in the week, mainly because of the shocking press that the Royal Mail has received recently.

However, they had to wait until after I'd had a shower. I struggle to even stand up in the mornings until I've had a shower. Thankfully there was at least a little bit of hot water left (it's at a premium in the mornings in a house of 7 guys...), which managed to wake me from my zombie-like slumber.

Back in my room, I opened up the package and also the first few series, just to have a look at the packaging and design of the DVDs. They're very cool, especially Series 1, which opens up into a big cross design.

I then had to rush to get my shit together and throw all of the stuff I needed for the day into a backpack, before leaving the house. We stopped at Sainsbury's on the way to buy some food, and more importantly some beer. There's something a little disturbing about going to the checkout at 10am, armed only with beer, sausage rolls and Pringles.

One of my housemates had gone to Lord's earlier in the morning to pick up the tickets and get us some good seats, and he met us at the gates. Unfortunately, 2 of my beers were taken off me on the way in, since you're only allowed to take in 4 for each person. Yes, 2 of my 8 beers were taken off me to leave me with 4.


Anyway, we found our seats, in one of the upper stands and in full glorious sunshine. The suncream was straight on (I don't usually need any, but it was going to be incredibly hot with no shade for the entire day), and the beers were swiftly opened. Again, it's a little disarming to be drinking beer before 11.30 in the morning, but so be it.

There were 6 of us there, myself, 3 housemates and 2 of their girlfriends, and we spent the whole day sinking the beers and chatting about anything and everything. The cricket was almost just the background to the scene, if it wasn't for the huge crowd and the fact that we were all facing the pitch...

The match itself was absolutely enthralling. It could have swung each way a number of times, but thankfully England came through to win it. We were treated to two half-centuries (Strauss and Thorpe), and a well-constructed century from Nasser Hussain. The only downer is that we didn't see Freddie (Flintoff) bat.

My tan was topped up even more, leaving me with a nice brown tint at the time of writing. The great thing about my skin is that I very rarely burn, tan instantly, and keep tans for a very long time. I'm not quite sure where this mediterranean, olive skin comes from in my family, but it's very cool to have it. It must be that Italian guy my Dad met once...

Either that or I'm half-Spanish on my Grandmother's best friend's side.

On the way back from Lord's (after I'd retrieved my other 2 beers from 'lost' property), we stopped at a pub called Swiss Cottage for a quick pint. Guess which area of London that pub is in...

It's not the greatest pub in the world, but is oh-so-cheap and has a beer garden. Well, a beer garden in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic on both sides. At least it's outside. It's also full of absolute scallies* for a good portion of the time. Never mind, the beer was cheap and tasty.

It was then on to Sainsbury's for the second time that day, to get a load of Meat (worthy of a capital letter) for yet another barbecue. It was too nice a day still to not have a barbecue.

I do enjoy barbecues, they're such an English thing to do. As soon as the merest hint of sun penetrates the Spring sky, everyone is out buying steaks, charcoal and suncream. 'Tis the English way, I guess.

Last night was all about stacks of quarterpounders, a shitload of sausages and some thick steaks. When we have a barbecue, it's all about the Meat. We very rarely bother with such niceties as salads or side dishes (except for the egg fried rice I cooked on Sunday), instead concentrating on cooking and eating as much Meat as is physically possible to consume.

Generally we reach the stage where it is nearing being painful to move. It takes a lot of meat to get 5 or 6 guys to that stage, so you can imagine how much money Sainsbury's is making out of us at the moment... I can see this summer being all about working in a crap job somewhere, stopping at Sainsbury's each night on the way home for beers and Meat, and then barbecues every night. You know it makes sense.

I don't know if this has escaped your attention, but the time in the story is now around 9pm, and I'm still awake. I think my intention to eat a shitload of food before drinking beer paid dividends.

Yesterday, I managed to stretch myself out until 10.30, which is when my eyes were beginning to close of their own accord. Time for bed. I blame that relatively early retirement on a number of things: the beer; the sunshine; and finally the lack of sleep on Sunday night.

Yet again, on Sunday night I ended up surfing the internet, not really doing all that much, and certainly with no goal to achieve, or piece of research to do. I really don't know how or more importantly why I do that so often. I just find something that catches my attention, find another link, then another, then another, then another, and suddenly it's 2.30am and I'm still wide awake.

That results in waking up a bit later the next day, which itself results in still feeling quite awake by midnight. That means the internet presents itself as something to do for a half-hour or so before I go to bed. Then, suddenly, it's 2.30am, and the whole cycle repeats itself.

At least if I drink beer all day and fall asleep by 10/11 in the evening, I'll be up at a reasonable hour the next day, breaking the cycle. Now, if only I could afford to drink beer all day every day!!! Anybody think I should start a drinking fund, a la N is for Neville? I even have a PayPal account already, set up and ready to go.

We'll call that Plan B, actually. Plan A can be to get up and go to bed at a reasonable hour each day. Perhaps to even do some work during that day too!

Speaking of which, I've noticed that the Internet Cafe in West Hampstead is wanting staff. I may have to pop down there with my CV tomorrow. I could definitely do that job. I'm very proficient with computers, and I'm also great at customer relations stuff. I've worked behind a bar, and in a coffee shop, so I know how to treat customers well and politely.

Plus, that job is a 2 minute walk from my house, which removes travel costs from the equation. I am definitely going to go speak to them about it tomorrow.

Oh, and one final thing. I will be shifting this blog to this weekend, so please update your bookmarks / links to this blog. By the looks of my PhotoBlog, which I have already moved over to the server, this address will continue to exist, but it won't be updated. I'll leave a message here when the eventual change happens, so keep an eye out!

Monday, May 24

Mmmm, Can You Feel The Sport? Oh, And The Meat

Another lazy Sunday, this one dominated by a shitload of sport on the TV. One of the most exciting Grand Prix in a long time (i.e. Schumacher didn't win) and a great day's cricket.

Basically, I did no work, yet again. I'm forgiving myself for this though, because I know I will get all of the work done before Friday. This exam is on a subject which I not only enjoy, but have a real interest in.

Unfortunately, that work will not be getting done tomorrow. This is because I'm going to Lords to watch the cricket and drink copious amounts of alcohol. Bo! It's the last day of the Test, and it's only 10 for a ticket. Even I can afford that!

The cost adds up when you consider that you're going to require a fair few beers, but I reckon my bank balance can just about cope with it... Anyway, it's the first time that I'll have ever been to a cricket match, and I'm very much looking forward to it. Now if only I can keep myself awake after all those beers.

Speaking of which (and bringing in the 'Meat' element of the title), I planned ahead a little on that front, by eating an inordinate amount of food from the barbecue which we had earlier this evening. Definitely up around (and probably over) the 2,500 calorie mark for the day. I felt very full and satisfied after a stupid amount of sausages and chicken.

Oh, and I made quite possibly the greatest Egg Fried Rice in the history of the world ever. I'm such a good cook when I actually put my mind to it, even if I may say so myself.

Something has just sprung to mind, for reasons that I can't fathom. I haven't wrote about it yet, and now is as good a time as ever.

At the Criminology exam on Thursday, I saw Girl. Not to speak to, you understand, but she was there. We saw each other, and caught each other's eye, but she completely blanked me.

Yeah, erm, cheers for that. I smiled a smile at her, without any meaning behind it. I'm just a friendly guy, and I truly have no hard feelings towards her about us and when we broke up. Evidently she does.

It did feel a little disconcerting to get such a response, to be honest. You'd think that I'd at least get a smile out of her, or even a "hello". Nope, nada, nothing.

Oh well, I guess I've been truly relegated to the history books in her life. Actually, probably consigned to disappear into a memory hole... Such is life. I have to say that I really don't think about her at all. Yes, it was cool whilst it lasted, and it was great to be with her, but I've moved on.

But not exactly moved on to anyone else, it must be said. Ho hum.

Sunday, May 23

WebCam Back Online

I've sorted out my webcam again, which means that whenever my computer is switched on and connected to the internet (which is pretty much the same thing), you'll be able to see exactly what I (or whomever is at my computer) am up to. I've moved the actual camera too, to give a lovely panoramic view of my room, including the gloriously rich chocolately shit-coloured brown carpet.

Oh, and if I look all blurred on any of the pictures, that's because I'm fidgeting in the manner I described in my last post. My webcam isn't quite good enough to keep up...

I should sort out the "away" picture now too, because my room is remarkably tidy today and I wouldn't mind seeing it that way all the time! Edit: I've created this image, so if you see the following picture in the Webcam section, I'm either not at my computer or have forgotten to turn the webcam on... Ain't it amazing what you can do with a printer and 9 pieces of paper when you're bored?!

On An Enlightened Anti-American Tip

I'm not quite sure why, but I was online this evening with fuck all to do, and I started going through a load of my Favourites menu, specifically the ones I shelve under News > Analysis and News > Press Freedom. These included FAIR, Common Dreams and CounterPunch.

These are all fairly non-political in their stance, on a left-right scale, but campaign for press freedom and greater transparency in the entire political and media reporting processes. Basically, they highlight a shitload of hypocrisy in both fields, but also draw together the best commentators and columnists from across the web to one easy portal.

Obviously, the single biggest topic for discussion at the moment is Iraq, and specifically the photos of abuse coming from the Abu Ghraib prison. I read a few articles by various authors, generally bemoaning the occupation and the war overall. Nothing I hadn't read a hundred times in the daily newspapers over the past year.

What was particularly interesting, however, was stumbling across a link to the New Yorker magazine's website. The New Yorker magazine, for those unaware, was the first to break the news of the photos, and is now the first publication to produce evidence that the abuse was not due to (as the official line goes) the actions of a few bad eggs. It was apparently part of a much bigger plan, created by Rumsfeld and known of by Bush.

Yes, it sounds like a gloriously convenient conspiracy theory, but it seems pretty well backed-up by evidence. Have a read of the article here, but be warned, it's a very long and heavy article. Definitely a worthwhile read though. Else, read the much shorter summary of it here and a profile of the author here.

I also found my way to AdBusters Magazine, and specifically this page, which is a look back at US military action in the past two hundred years. Again, it's very long, but is definitely worth reading. It's quite worrying just how much positive and pre-emptive action has been taken by the world's most powerful country, even in the past 25 years.

And yes, this is what I do with my Saturday nights at the moment. I told you, I'm not drinking for a while. Well, not until this Friday, at any rate.

Before I alienate any American readers that I have (if I have any), let me say that I'm not a purely anti-US Briton. I just thoroughly disagree with a hell of a lot of this current administration's policies, be they domestic (Patriot Act, anyone?) or international (where do I start?). I know too many American people, hell I even lived with one for a year, to be so naive as to think that you are all the stereotypical ultra-conservative, god-fearing and (supposedly) morally righteous people that you are often portrayed as.

It's just that you have ultra-conservative, god-fearing and supposedly morally righteous people in charge at the moment.

And here ends my first political post in a while. I do have very strong political feelings and opinions all the time, but I generally choose not to post about them here, because they are simply not as interesting to write (and thus to read) about as, say, walking home drunk with "cunt" written on your forehead and not knowing about it.

Speaking of which, I am going to get so very, very, very drunk this Friday that I could quite possibly be hospitalised this time next Saturday. It's my last exam, I'm allowed to cut loose! Or so I will be telling myself as I near unconsciousness on Friday night.

Although on current form it could very well be Friday afternoon. I think I have figured out just why that has been happening: I have come to the conclusion that I am not eating anywhere near enough food at the moment. I seem to have a quick breakfast when I get up, a couple of rounds of toast or similar, and then pretty much nothing until around 7 in the evening, when I make myself a half-decent dinner.

I should in theory be eating 2,500 calories per day, but I reckon I've been closer to 1,000 or 1,500 for the past 10 days. And it's not even as if I need to lose weight! Whilst not exactly ultra-skinny, I don't have a gut and am nowhere near overweight. My BMI (Yes, I checked my own BMI. No, I'm not gay) has been hovering around 20-21 for a couple of years now, which is perfectly healthy.

It's this lack of food in my stomach, and the consequential lack of energy in my system which is leading me to being unable to concentrate on revising, and perhaps more importantly, to falling asleep in the early evening for 14 hours after only 5 or 6 beers.

Tomorrow thus becomes the first day in "Eat Loads of Food Week" for me. If anyone wishes to order me lots of food from Sainsbury's or Tesco's online, please email me for my delivery address. I am a poor student, don't you know? He says, having just bought and the first 6 series of Buffy on DVD. Stupid boy Rob.

Of course, eating will have to take priority over revision. I've only got one more exam to go, and it is my favourite subject from the four modules I do, so hopefully working up the enthusiasm to do it won't be too difficult. At least it won't be as difficult to get going as I found revising for the Criminology exam. I just didn't start revising for that one.

Speaking of concentrating for a decent amount of time, I was talking with one of my housemates and his girlfriend earlier about how I think I have some form of physical ADD. I can't remember if I've mentioned this here before, so I'm going to talk about it anyway.

Whilst I can concentrate for (literally) hours on doing something, be it an exam, in the cinema, HTML coding, or whatever task it might be, I cannot sit still. Honestly, I last about 3 minutes in one position before I have to shift my weight or (un)cross my legs or fiddle with my glasses or crack my fingers or just do something!

I must be the worst person to sit next to in the cinema, because I'm constantly putting my weight on one shoulder and then the other, or slouching and then sitting bolt upright. I don't know what it is, especially seeing as my mind can concentrate for so long. And no, I can't be arsed going for tests, because if you do that you inevitably end up paying someone to be told that there's nothing they can do about it.

I'll cope. I'm just concerned that people who sit next to me won't.

And yet again, I start typing on one subject and end up rambling on about 50 other things that spring to mind whilst I'm in the middle of writing. I rule.
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