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Saturday, December 20


OK, so I didn't win anything in the Guardian's 2003 Blog Awards, but I'll struggle on regardless. There's always next year.

Another lazy Saturday for me, not doing anything of any note. Went to my Granddad's with my Mum and sister, did fuck-all there, excpet getting bored. It's very easy to get bored at my Granddad's house, because it's, well, boring. I hope I don't become really, really boring when I get older. That's assuming that I'm not boring now, of course, something which I find myself doubting on a daily basis.

I might seem a bit boring to some people, but it's just the way I am. I'm quite happy to spend hours on my computer, not really achieving anything, and I'm not always up for going out drinking as often as many of my housemates are. It's not that I don't enjoy going out with them and having a good time, but just that sometimes I can't always see the attraction. My finances are always in too much of a state to properly enjoy a night out. I either go out without much money and don't have as good a time, or I go out and spend a shitload, then regret it for about a week after, not even including the hangover...

Fuck it, I am a boring cunt, aren't I? I prefer my own company to being in a group most of the time; I'm not a huge fan of talking on the phone, and always seem to be really short with people when I speak to them in that way; I'm not brilliant at talking to and meeting new people, especially if they are female and attractive; I always have a depressed period when I'm out for a night, generally when I realise that I am still single and don't have the balls to do anything about it. I am one boring person.

Sorry, just sitting here, writing this and thinking about it, I really, really am boring. I try to be enthusiastic about many things, but if I don't have an interest in a subject or topic, then I almost completely ignore it and am really short / clipped when the conversation turns to it. I'm fucking self-centred as well, I guess that means. I am a fucking crap person to be around. Do yourself a favour and don't bother talking to me if you ever meet me. I'm bound to be rude and boring.

Friday, December 19

Ahhhh, THAT'S Why...

Stupid Blogger, losing my last post. Here's a re-run.

I've remembered why I haven't drank much in the last month or so.

Or, to be precise, the pulsating ache of my brain pressing itself against every single square inch of the interior of my skull is reminding me why I haven't drank that much. Stupid bloody hangovers, I hate them.

It was a wicked night, from what I remember. I can't remember anything in detail after about 12.30. Can't remember leaving the bar / club-place I was in. Can't remember if I went to Acropolis after. Can't remember if I walked home, got a taxi or anything. Can't remember if I went home with anybody back to Bowerhill. Can't remember getting home. Can't remember spending quite as much as I evidently did. Dammit.

Must have been a fucking good night.

Apparently Mace was sick when he got home, and all of my other mates were feeling like shit when they got up today. Why do we do it? Because it's fucking great fun.

Oh, and my Mum is really, really pissing me off today. She just constantly tells me to do things, be they big or small. It pisses me off to an incredible extent. I just say "Yes Mum" every time she gives me any form of instruction, in an effort to show her how often she actually tells me to do things. Which pisses her off. I'm childish, I know. But it's funny.

Thursday, December 18

Christmas Comes Early

Well, it does in our house.

My Dad's not here for Christmas this year, since he goes to work this Friday, and isn't back until nearly New Year's Eve. So, we has our big Christmas dinner last night, so he didn't feel left out. Hence also why I'm home from uni a bit earlier than I would really have wanted to be.

It was all good, good food and good company. One thing which did alarm me though. Apparently, while I've been away this term, my place at the dinner table has every so often been taken by our dog. Yes, our dog. Apparently, they plonk him on my usual chair, and he just sits there, watching everything. If he's good, he gets a bit of biscuit or something similar. Anyway, once we'd pretty much finished yesterday evening, another chair was pulled up to the table, and he was plonked onto it. He's very cute, a little white Westie, and he did look very comfortable on the chair, his little head just poking up over the table.

Still, a dog at the dinner table?!? Welcome to my family. They're great.

I've realised that I haven't put any pictures up recently, what with the computer crashing and all that. Apologies for that, but I might take my camera out with me tonight if I go out drinking. Depends how drunk I intend to get. Generally on a Thursday the answer to that is "very", so I don't want to take my camera out if there's a distinct possibility that I will lose / break it. We'll see. I like drunken pictures, so I might take it out...

Wednesday, December 17

Stupid Bastard Fucking Viruseseseses

You don't want to know about my computer in the past couple of days.

Suffice it to say that it became infected, and then corrupted when i tried to disinfect it (with an anti-virus program, not Dettol). So I had to buy a new hard drive, install that, and I'll eventually get round to transferring all of the files I want from the old one before I wipe that clean. Not a happy bunny, especially considering I really couldn't afford to buy that hard drive.

Added to this was the fact that I had to rush round fixing it yesterday before I went home for Christmas. I mean home home, back in Wiltshire, where I am now. Without any mp3s or any of my files that I wanted, and also without my Favourites folder. Not happy. At least I'm going to get cooked and cleaned for now. Decent food once more, hurrah!!!

Plus, I'm sure there will be many drunken escapades over the next couple of weeks with all of the mates that I haven't seen for a while. If I could afford them, that is.

Anyway, I've got to get my dog off of my desk now (he's only small, and oh-so-cute), as well as take him for a walk.

Until next time, sports fans.

Sunday, December 14

No Webcam. :(

Dammit, Matt's gone home for Christmas and taken his webcam with him. Guess I'll have to wait until Christmas Day before I get mine. Dammit. No more humourous pictures!

Although one positive to come out of this: I no longer have to check the time left before the next webcam photo before I scratch my balls. I'm sure you really wanted to hear that. I'm one of those kind of guys who likes "to know that it's still there" every so often, and I really, really don't want that picture up here, even for only 5 minutes. You might get the wrong idea.

Yeah, well, on that note.
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