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Saturday, December 13


I've just finished this epic conversation I was having on MS Msgr with this guy from RAGE. He posted something about me being an anarchist, which really pissed me off, so I questioned him about it. It soon developed into a full-on argument about the merits / morals of downloading mp3s, which I attempted to justify on free market / capitalist grounds, but he constantly tried to counter.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if he was really pissing me off by the end of it. I guess it was the first opportunity for me to properly argue my opinion on the entire subject, and I reckon that I did pretty well. He still came out of it calling me a thief, the antichirst, a bandwagon jumper regarding anti-globalisation, and all-round immoral person, but that's OK. I know that I'm only one of those things. Guess which one. There's a prize.*

Otherwise I'm thoroughly enjoying my lazy Saturday. I've just been online for most of the afternoon, browsing and chatting. It's been pretty cool, although I can see this evening being pretty boring, in that I'll be cleaning for most of it. Oh joy.

* There is no prize.

Friday, December 12


Thank fuck.

Not quite sure why I've been swearing so much in my posts recently. I guess it must be the amount of work that I've got through in the past seven days. A fucking shitload of work, let's put it that way.

I'm still having fun with my webcam, even if a lot of the pictures are very similar. i.e me sitting looking at my computer screen. At least the camera's in a cool position. I'm blatantly getting a webcam for Christmas now, because earlier I texted my sister, telling my Dad to get me one. Seconds later, she was on MS Msgr, and apparently all of my family were crowding round the computer at home, watching me on my, erm, computer. Apparently Mum wants one, which means I will definitely be getting one. Good shit.

As I said in another post sometime this week, this weekend is my doing-fuck-all-weekend. Well, it would be if it wasn't for the enormous pile of washing-up in our kitchen that needs doing. I can see it falling to me to get all of that done on Saturday. Boo. Why am I always the one who ends up doing a load of cleaning in our house? Pisses me off. Grrr.

Anyway, I'm off to play iSnooker. If you read this anytime this weekend, give me a shout on MS Msgr (wiltshiregooner[at]hotmail[dot]com), I'm bound to be online or about or something.

Cheers people.


I really, really like this webcam malarkey. I've been chatting to a few friends on MS Messenger, including my parents. They told me to get a haircut, the inconsiderate bastards. And what's so wrong with my current beard style as well? I quite like it. Although I've been getting one too many hits to this blog due to "chinstrap beard" for my liking. That'll get some more in, I imagine. Weirdos.

In between playing with the webcam, I've been trying to write this essay for Tort that's got to be handed in at 4. This is the essay that (according to my plan earlier this week) I was supposed to have finished yesterday so that I could have a relaxing, doing-nothing-day today. That blatantly didn't happen. Yesterday, I played Yahoo Pool for ages and then found a new online snooker game thingy. It's called iSnooker, but I don't have the url for it. Go google for it. It's very cool, but unfortunately the trial period is only 21 days, after which it's 20 for the year. I might subscribe in the new year, when my next student loan money comes in. Hurrah, money. Anyway, if you download it and play, my user name is 'gooneruk' and I'm online every so often. It's great fun, honestly.

So, today became my work-like-a-dog-day. I haven't stopped, except to play with the webcam, since about 10 this morning, but at least I've finished the essay. Now all I've got to do is read about 30 pages of a textbook before leaving the house and going to the tutorial. Easy, he says...

I Have A WebCam!!!

Look at me joining the tech-generation...

Yes, I have got a webcam. Technically it's my housemate's webcam, but meh. The picture is on the right, and you can click it for the bigger version.

I'll try to remember to switch it on every time I'm online, which is pretty often, and it refreshes every 7 minutes (I don't want to strain Ache's server, since he was so kind and lovely and great and brilliant for letting me use some of his space).

Who knows, I might even be online when you're reading this. To find out, click the picture, and check the time-stamp on the big picture. If it is for any time in the past 10 minutes, I'll generally be online, so give me a shout on MS Messenger. My addy is wiltshiregooner[at]hotmail[dot]com, so give me a shout. I'm a nice guy, honestly.

Ache, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Oh, and thankyou!

Thursday, December 11

Crap Fucking Day (ish)

I'm so fucked.

As in tired.

And pissed off.

I shall begin my epic (don't worry, it's not really epic) tale on Wednesday afternoon. Like I said in my last post, I had a German exam that afternoon. I blatantly screwed it up. I went there thinking that it was just a progress test to see how you're doing on the course. Nope, it was an exam worth 25% of the total mark for the year. Nice of them to tell us that about, ooooh, five minutes in advance.

Anyway, the essay part of the exam was the worst piece of German that I've written in about four years. I just didn't have a clue where to go with it, and I was running out of time, so I threw together this random piece of writing. I'm expecting a truly terrible mark for that.

After the exam I went straight to this bar called "The Savoy Tup". It's pretty much next door to the famous hotel, and it's really cool. I went because my Advanced Criminal tutor had invited both of his classes there for an end-of-term drink or two. I knew that I still had to finish the essay for him, which was due this morning, so I was only planning to stay for a couple of drinks, and two hours at the most.

Five or six drinks and three and a half hours later, I left the bar. Dammit.

There wasn't a hope in hell of finishing the essay that night, so I made myself go to bed relatively early, and set my alarm for 6.15 the next morning. 6.15!!! I haven't seen 6.15am in fucking ages. The alarm woke me up, but I just couldn't face getting up at that time. I went back to sleep for an hour, and then hauled my ass up to get on with finishing the essay.

I managed to get it done in time (an achievement in itself), but then my printer decided to be a fucking fuck bastard cunt by not working. This meant I couldn't print out the essay, and neither could I print out a case which I was going to read on the Tube in preparation for the tutorial. Screwed, big time.

I stuck the essay onto a disk, and legged it out of the house. Minus umbrella, because somebody had put it away in a cupboard without telling me, so I got wet waiting for the bus. A bus that took fucking ages to arrive, which pissed me off because I was already late. Then I had to wait ages for the Tube, and it was rammed and that pissed me off too.

Then, when I eventually got to uni, I went to the computer room next door to my classroom to print the essay out, only for that printer to be broken. The tutor still hadn't arrived, so I ran to another computer room, which was in use by a class. I then got lost trying to find another room, eventually found it, and went to print off the essay. Of course, that printer had a paper jam, and it had a stupid lock on it which meant I couldn't open the tray and pull out the problem piece of paper. That pissed me off.

By the time I made it back to the class, I was late, and he'd already started teaching. So that pissed me off.

At least the class went OK, as did the lecture I had afterwards. I went to go finally print out my essay, and in the third computer room I tried I managed to find a working printer and got it done. I handed it in and went home. Thank fuck.

Since then, life has got a little better. Watched some Sopranos, went out and bought a DVD and a CD, plus my sister's Christmas present. Now all I've got to do in the next 24 hours is write another essay, prepare for a tutorial, eat, sleep and possibly watch Pulp Fiction (the DVD I bought). Ain't nothing like an end-of-term mad-rush-to-get-everything-done-before-it's-too-late couple of days. Or an entire week, in my experience.

And then I can chill. I am doing absolutely fuck-all this weekend. Not moving a muscle. I might just stay in bed for the entire weekend, and get people to bring me food / water / a bucket to piss in. I need a rest.

Oh, and a girlfriend. I need one of those too. A pretty one, preferably. Any takers / givers?

Wednesday, December 10


Why, if you search on Google for "blog threesome sex" does my blog appear at number 39? Why is it not higher up. And who searches for this kind of thing anyway.

Disclaimer: Not me, I found it out in my stats, honestly.

Plan? What Plan?

OK, so I'm sort of sticking to the plan I laid out for myself. I use "sort of" in the loosest possible sense. Actually, saying that, I've only got to write about 1,000 words on the law of intention tonight and I'll be right back on track. Oh, and read the entirety of this big case for a tutorial tomorrow. And watch the Arsenal game on TV. And go for a few drinks with my Advanced Criminal class. If I can get all of that done between 6pm tonight and the tutorial at 10am tomorrow, I will be 100% back on track.

Likelihood: Low. Very low.

I've got a fucking German exam in a couple of hours today. Not particularly looking forward to that one. Mainly because we can't use dictionaries. I'm useless without a dictionary, because my knowledge of vocabulary is really poor compared to my grammar skills. I'm alright when it comes to sentence structure, etc, but I always forget the word that I want to use. Dammit.

And this computer room I'm in right now is pissing me off so much. It's got this annoying whine in the background which seems to pulse and drill into your brain and make your head hurt and annoy you and distract you and irritate you and make your brain explode. Bleh.

Tuesday, December 9

A Punning Clan

I have a plan for the rest of the week. Basically, I've sorted out when I'm going to write my essays and do my tutorial work, and hopefully it also leaves me a little free time. Not that I have any money in which to do stuff in the free time, but at least it's "free" time. Whether or not I stick to this plan is another thing entirely. Why oh why do I always leave essays to the last possible moment when I have about 6 weeks to write them?! Disorganised? Nope, just plain lazy.

Upbeat news on the financial front: I have enough food to feed myself, if nothing else. Just call me "Staple-foods-only-Rob". Nothing at all extravagant, except for a bolognese that I'm going to make sometime this week. However, that is because I bought the ingredients for that ages ago, and haven't got round to using them yet. Other than that, it's pasta, Super Noodles, baked beans and waffles all the way. Hurrah. Damn my lack of financial foresight.

Also, a new RobCam picture is up. It's of a new style of beard that I'm playing with. I call it "The Chinstrap" because it, well, looks like a chinstrap.

Damn, I'm in a cheerful mood. No idea why, probably because I've had a good lecture earlier and been busy since. Now all I need to do is write this essay in less than an hour and I'll be over the moon. I have a feeling that I'll still be writing it come midnight...

On that note, ciao for now.

Monday, December 8


Well, at least I made it out of bed in time for my class. 8am today, which is a rarity. And what's so wrong with 2pm?! Everyone needs a lie-in at least sometimes.

Anyway, I'm glad I made it to the class, because I learnt a fair bit. Like how German Staatsrecht (Law of the State) is really easy if you've already done English Public Law in your first year... Also, we're moving on to studying European Law and its relations with German Law. Who's already done a year of European Law and got his best mark on that exam? Umm, that'd be me. I need to pay attention though, because it's European Law that I'm studying in Germany next year. I need to learn the vocabulary, if nothing else.

And now onto the important news:


Yep, I made it to the parade, and it was amazing. I was on the east side of Trafalgar Square, and was standing amongst a cool group of people. We had to wait for absolutely ages for the buses to turn up, but at least the lovely people at o2 (they also are my mobile phone company, so I like them..) had installed 2 massive screens on the British Gallery, so we could watch the coverage as they inched their way down Regent Street and Haymarket.

What a great atmosphere. There were trumpets everywhere, blasting out tunes left, right and centre, as well as an incredible amount of flags and banners. We sang Swing Low Sweet Chariot god knows how many times, and it was unbelievably loud. Try to imagine a few hundred thousand voices in a relatively small area booming out that song. That's shock and awe for you.

The funniest part for me was when a guy with a trumpet started playing 'Land Of Hope And Glory' right near where I was standing. Everyone knows the tune, but no-one knows the words, so there was this big group of people going "La la la laaaa la la laaaa laaaa la laaaa laa" along with the trumpeting. Very funny. What are the words to that song? Anyone know?

When the buses arrived, there was an almighty roar and the noise continued for ages. John Inverdale from the BBC then interviewed a few of the players, including Johnny Wilkinson. He got another huge cheer, but nothing like the one reserved for Clive Woodward. I swear he had tears in his eyes.

Basically, it was an amazing day, and I took loads of pictures. They're over at my Photo Blog, so go check them out. I also used my camera to record a few movies, but they're not brilliant quality. I might upload one or two a little later.

Swiiiiiiiing loooooow, sweeeeeeet charrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiot, coming for to carry me hoooooome, Swing loooow, sweeeet charrrrriiiiot, coming for to carry me home.

Swiiiiiiiing loooooow, sweeeeeeet charrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiot, coming for to carry me hoooooome, Swing loooow, sweeeet charrrrriiiiot, coming for to carry me home.

Swiiiiiiiing loooooow, sweeeeeeet charrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiot, coming for to carry me hoooooome, Swing loooow, sweeeet charrrrriiiiot, coming for to carry me home.

Swiiiiiiiing loooooow, sweeeeeeet charrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiot, coming for to carry me hoooooome, Swing loooow, sweeeet charrrrriiiiot, coming for to carry me home.

Just Call Me Nostradamus

Fuck's sake.

I didn't get out of bed until nearly 2 o'clock this afternoon. I am going to be so fucked for getting to sleep tonight and getting out of bed tomorrow. Fuck's sake.

And I've managed to do a grand total of fuck all since getting up, so I'm not even going to be tired when I go to bed. Which won't be for a while, I imagine, because it feels like it's about 8 o'clock, not 11. I'm so screwed.

I wish that I did something more exciting on weekends, even having a job or something. At least it'd get me out of the house and doing something. It's very boring just sitting around, trying not to write an essay. Or, 2 essays.

I am looking forward to going to the rugby parade tomorrow though. I'm on the Strand at midday, so it's only 5 minutes walk to Trafalgar Square to watch the bus arrive. Definitely should be a good laugh, and I reckon on getting some pretty cool pictures. Watch this space. Actually, watch this space.

Sunday, December 7

Stupid Boy Pike

Why do I always stay up till this sort of ridiculous time on the weekend for no good reason. No wonder I can't make it out of bed at 8am on a Monday morning in order to get to my German Law class at 10.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

But that's me.

Factbook - It's Interesting

No, really, it is!!!

I was browsing through the CIA World Factbook (Yes, I know. My housemates are out drinking and I'm looking at the CIA World Factbook. I'm incredibly, ummm, sad), and I came across a page where it lists the number of internet users from each country. Combining this and my oh-so-handy site statistics, I was able to find out the following information (feel free to fall asleep
1 of the 220,000 Icelandic internet users have visited this blog.
1 of the 20,000 Paraguayan internet users have visited.
3 of the 480,000 Croation user have visited.

Thus concludes the most pointless post ever. Although I am impressed that 0.005% of all Paraguayan internet browsers have visited me. Makes me feel all famous.

I Am So Unfit

I know that I'm unfit, and today was a stark reminder. I got woken up just after midday by knocking on my door, telling me that we were all going to play a bit of football really soon. Actually, that's a lie. I got woken up around half-ten by random shouts coming from the living room, such as "Elf!", "Bogle Bogle" and "Rice and Pea". The first is in reference to the film, and the last two come from Bo Selecta! which is a wicked TV programme here in the UK, and of which I recently got the DVD. These random shouts have been happening a lot recently, and always when I've got a lie-in and am asleep. Not a happy bunny.

But I digress.

We wandered off to this park near to where we live, and we played for about 2 and a half hours. Even though I was in goal for the first 40 minutes or so, I was fucked by the end of it. It's been at least 2 weeks since I last did any kind of physical exercise, so I really felt whacked when I got back home. I think it was worth it though, because I feel a whole lot better now. I think that was having a shower though. I always feel brilliant as soon as I've had a shower, and today was no different. Guess I must be particularly hygienic...

The rest of my housemates are out tonight, at some pub / club somewhere, but my finances still won't allow me to go out drinking. That and I really can't be arsed to go out. On the finances side of things, at least I've got some money now. My Mum put 100 in my account today, which was more than I was expecting. I'm still going to be very careful with it though. Yeah, right. I'm terrible with money. I'm planning to do some Christmas shopping on Monday, after my German Law class and the rugby parade, but I just know that I'm going to see something I want. It's going to take a hell of a lot of willpower not to spend all of that money...
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