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Saturday, July 26

No Power = More Beer

There was a big power cut to my house yesterday, not long after I'd got back from work. All of the houses on my street were without power, so the obvious thing to do was to go up the pub and check whether they had power there. Well, sort of. Me and Matt had sort of decided to go up the pub whilst we were working, since it was a Friday and the end of the week and all that.

It was quite a good laugh, just playing some pool and drinking a few pints. And since when did my local pub have a happy hour on a Friday?! And why did I not know of this?!

I left around 9, so I could go eat something and watch the final of Big Brother. I haven't been as addicted as I thought I would be this year, but I've enjoyed watching it for the last 8 or so weeks. My Mum was the same, and she came up with something fairly insightful last night, as it became clear that Cameron won: she finds it slightly strange that he won, considering the audience who votes, because of his fairly moral views on everything. He is a devoted Christian, doesn't believe in sex before marriage, and is a genuinely nice guy. As opposed to the average 18-25 year-old, who is shagging around, cynical and anti-religion. I suppose a change is good once in a while.

Rubbish Rain

You know when your alarm clock goes off at 6.10am that it's going to be a long day. A long day with an early start, no less. Actually, it wasn't my alarm clock that woke me up, my Mum took care of that. She is a total control freak, especially concerning this sort of thing, and she came into my room at 6.05 saying "Come on, it's just after 6. Get up quick, you'll be late." I sort of moaned a "I know..." and she buggered off back to bed.

I managed to make it to the designated place to get a lift into where I was working for the day, and we got there just after 7. "We" being myself and my mate Matt (See, i can do alliteration just like all of the literary greats...). I think I mentioned in Thursday's post that the job was going to be emptying big corporate-esque bins. You know, the ones that are like the big recycling bins.

Alas, no. It was in fact being a binman, going round housing estates picking up bin bags from the kerb. I had my hopes raised at the very start, when the boss guy told us that he only needed one of us. Both of us need the money, but both also wanted to go back to bed, so we tossed a coin to decide who would go home. Matt won, and was pretty pleased about this, but the boss guy then changed his mind and said he could use both of us. Oh, the tension!

We got issued flourescent jumpsuits, ending up looking like we were going to be carrying dangerous chemicals around or some shit, and then we jumped into the dustbin lorry to be driven to the first housing estate. The guys we were working with were alright, pretty chatty, but it was only in the cab of the lorry that you had time to talk, since it was hard work tossing the bin bags into the back of the lorry. No wheelie bins for us!

Add to this the fact that it was absolutely pissing down with rain and you get the idea of just how shit this job was turning out to be. I was drenched from head to toe, and my boots were full of water, which meant I squelched on every step. Not good. We eventually finished just after 1 in the afternoon, and went back to the depot to get changed into our normal clothes. I wrang my socks out, and they were dripping loads of water. A big puddle soon developed on the floor where I was standing, not from pissing myself or anything stupid, before you think that...

Anyway, by the time I got home I'd dried out, but my Mum was wetting herself when I told her what I had been doing all morning. She's a nice, sensitive person is my Mum... Actually, getting home wasn't 100% pleasant. Me and Matt were picked up by our employment agency's minibus, full of other workers from a factory called Hygrade. I've worked at Hygrade before, and it is the lowest of the low. It makes packets of sliced meat, and is a godawful place to work. The people on the minibus all seemed to be those who wouldn't get hired by a supermarket because they were such gimps and so backward. Not that I'm at all judgmental concerning this sort of thing...

Thursday, July 24

Arty Photos - Soon

I was playing around with my camera last night, seeing how the shutter speed function works, and I got some pretty good shots from it. I finally managed to get the photo which I've always wanted to get: car lights in a streak because of the long shutter opening time. You know the style I mean. Like this, only my photo isn't quite as good. Anyway, once my sister gets off my computer and I can download them onto it and edit them, I'll post them here. I'm sure the anticipation is killing you already.

Nothing else of note, except that Grand Theft Auto - Vice City should be banned for being far, far too addictive. I've got into the habit of playing it for an hour when I get in from work at about 5am. Not good, although I do sleep in until gone 3 in the afternoon. Me = lazy. Also, I just got over 1000 new mp3s from a mate of mine, and it's taking bloody forever going through them and retitling them in the Artist - Song style. I'm a perfectionist, and I'm anally retentive regarding that sort of thing. My test score says so. I'll provide a link once my sister stops playing GTA:VC on my computer. She's addicted too. The Word document that I keep a history of my blog in is on that computer, so I can't get to it right now. Stupid computer.

I'm starting a different job tomorrow, thanks to the fucking arsing stupid employment agency. This time I get to empty bins or some crap like that. Joy. I can hardly wait. *turns off sarcasm mode* A fucking 7am start too. I'm not a happy bunny about that, because it means I can't go get drunk tonight, the night when double vodkas are only 1. Damn this capitalist, economically-oriented world we live in.

Tuesday, July 22

Totty - An Update

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, been a little bit distracted and busy this weekend. What with sitting on my ass all day Sunday watching Formula 1 and the Open Golf championship. I'm easily addicted to watching live sport, whatever it may be. I even found myself watching live nine-ball pool this week, purely because it was on and it was live. *hangs head in shame*

Anyway, as I said on Friday, there's a whole load of minging women in my home town, even on a Friday night, when they get a bit glammed up. Compare this to a Saturday afternoon in Bath, the closest city to me. I was only in the city for about 5 minutes, driving through it to pick my sister up, and I saw more good-looking women in those 5 minutes than in the previous week in Melksham. Dammit.

I was out in Melksham on Saturday night, and there was a bit of an improvement over Friday night, though only by a small amount. I let myself down with my drinking abilities though. Usually, I can drink a hell of a lot, and out-drink most of my mates, but I wasn't really in the mood that night. We were down at the football club, and figured we'd have a go at doing a Centurion. A Centurion, for those that have never tried it, is drinking a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. We didn't have time for 100 minutes, so we aimed for an hour. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it is fucking well difficult. My best is 36 minutes, but that was drinking Caffrey's, an incredibly creamy beer which makes you feel sick after a while. This time I only managed 15 minutes, which was very, very poor. I think 4 of the guys made it to an hour, although one had to go throw up after 40-odd minutes. It was a good laugh, especially with all the running to the bar and back in order not to miss a minute.

Like I said, the "totty" level was up on Friday's. I hate using the word "totty," it makes me feel about 12, but there's no better word that I can think of right now. I was chatting to a friends I hadn't seen for a while, including the older sister of one of my mates, who is a good laugh, and the older sister of my sister's best friend. Does that make any sense? The older sister of my sister's best friend (let's call her Michelle, for sake of argument) seems to love me to bits, for a reason that I can't make out. She has a bloke, who is a pretty cool guy, but she just always seems to grab me and chat to me. Does my ego the world of good, for she is a very purdy lady. Who else was there? Oh yeah, Sam, she's cool too. She was in the year above me at school, and we just seem to hit it off. One of the type of girls who you'd want to date and show off as your girlfriend, but who you also want to be a good friend and just have a wicked time with as friends. I'm making no sense today.

What else? I'm still working nights at the warehouse I have been at for a few weeks, and I'm hoping that I can stay there for a while yet. Apparently the amount of work is winding down a fair bit by the end of this week, but my name has been put forward as one of the agency staff they want to keep on. Speaking of the employment agency, I swear they wouldn't know their ass from their tit. Organisation is not a strong point, which is not good when they're deciding people's livelihoods by finding them work. Grrrr, stupid crap office staff.
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