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Saturday, June 14

Home Time

Managed to get home last night without an accident. :) I didn't realise that it was a Friday 13th until this morning, but I don't particularly believe in that anyway, so not really a surprise that I was OK. I had to do all my unpacking today, only just finished too. It took fucking forever to unpack it all too. Boxes and crap everywhere for hours on end... Another pain in the ass is that my computer doesn't quite fit onto my desk properly. My desk has a shelf which is about an inch too low for my tower and monitor to fit underneath, which means that they are both a lot nearer the edge than I'd like them to be. My keyboard only just fits in the gap between monitor and desk edge, which isn't good, since I like to type with my wrists resting on the desk and my fingers over the keyboard. RSI here I come...

My mum's already moaning at me. She likes to be in complete and utter control of everything, and can't bear to leave me to do something by myself. Like all mothers, I guess. And she's complaing about my music too. Her excuse for me having to turn it down today is that it's "too hot for this kind of music today." I mean, really! Worst excuse ever or what? Surely a bit of hip-hop is perfect summer music? Stupid mum.

I was just having a look through some of my site stats today as well. The Fatdogger from Lincoln uni, who are you?! I also seem to be getting some international visitors too, from as far afield as Indonesia, Croatia, Iceland, Hungary, Denmark and Singapore. :) There's even been a visit from a US military computer, as well as 3 from the "Old style Arpanet." For the un-techno-savvy amongst you, Arpanet was the first generation of the Internet, created almost exclusively for military purposes. I thought all of those servers had been disconnected from the Internet. Proves me wrong...

Can anyone tell me what sort of language "Farsi" is? Somebody who visited has that language setting on their computer...

Friday, June 13

Going Home...

I've been packing all day, getting everything sorted ready to drive home tonight. Stupid packing. I hate doing it. It takes forever, then when I get home I've got to unpack it all again. Point of? I got moaned at too, by security for playing my music too loud. That's the first time I've been moaned at concerning music since September, which is surprising when considering how often / loudly I play music. Oh well, what are they going to do? Kick me out?

It's going to be weird leaving all of my friends from here behind, even if it is only for a few months. All week I've been shaking hands of people leaving and so on, now I've got to do the rest tonight. On the plus side, I get to see all of my friends from back home again. More drinking, not sure how my liver will cope.

Apologies for this post being full of short sentences. I keep thinking of little points I want to say, but I'm in a rush so I can't develop them... Never mind, ay?

Delirium - Silence
Napalm Death - Greed Killing
Voodoo & Serrano - Blood Is Pumping
Da Brat - Runnin' Out Of Time

Thursday, June 12


"There's no (no) way (way) I...I...I can explain, the way I feel right now."

That is a quote from the title track from the album Nellyville by Nelly, and it perfectly sums up everything right now. This time, however, it's in a GOOD way! Everything is great, for once.

I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! I've got a house! (Picture me with a huge grin on my face and bobbing up and down on my seat to get the full effect)

It seems I was wholly mistaken when I mentioned that I felt left out by the guys I currently live with. Over the past day or so, we've managed to find this really nice place to live next year, and secured it with a deposit. 7 of us in one 3-floor apartment just off Finchley Road. It's about half a mile from where we currently live, which is sweet because we know the local area like the back of our hands now. It's reasonably priced as well, which is a good thing. It needs a few licks of paint, but the landlord has offered to pay for some paint, etc, if we do the decorating work ourselves. We're all pretty up for doing a spot of DIY, it should be a good laugh.

To celebrate yesterday, we picked up a (very) cheap bottle of champagne and had a toast to ourselves. Chris soon left to go home for the summer, but the rest of us proceeded to get, well, wasted. I was fairly off my face, and woke up this morning with a killer hangover. Too much vodka. For some reason we sat down and watched the first half of There's Something About Mary at about 3am. I love that film so much, but I hadn't seen it for years. Might have to go buy that on DVD this week.

I should be packing my stuff up at the moment, but can't be arsed. Instead I'm sitting at my computer, wasting some time. :) Off home tomorrow evening for the summer, hopefully I can get home without an accident...

Just going back to the bit about the house for a second, it serves only to highlight how much closer the guys on my floor are as opposed to how close the girls are. Like I said elsewhere, the girls have been bitching to some extent about each other all year long, but nothing too major or anywhere near confrontational. Until Tuesday, that is. I had just got back from Leicester Square, and I could hear some noise from my floor as I came up the stairs. That's nothing new, my floor is the noisiest on the entire campus... Anyway, I didn't think anything of it, and was sat chatting to a few of the guys in the kitchen. You could hear angry shouting and screaming from the corridor, and it soon transpired that there was all-out war between the girls. One of them had changed her mind about who she wanted to live with for the next year, and everything that each girl didn't like about each other came out in one big argument. There was name-calling, tears, screams and shouts all over the shop. I think everyone had reached their breaking point concerning being civil to each other, and all of these insults and concealed feelings were flying everywhere. The guys kept well clear, we've gone off a few of them recently. Like I said, they bitch about each other and whoever isn't in the room, so we probably get some stick as well. Oh well, you can't get on with everybody...

Nelly - Air Force Ones
Nelly - Pimp Juice
Nelly - Oh Nelly
Nelly - Dem Boyz

Wednesday, June 11


Just a quick post, I've got to go to the pub in a minute. That and have a look at a house that a couple of the other guys have found. Sweet. I've been well busy the past couple of days, getting up early every day to put money into the car parking machine. 3.20 per day, grrrr.

Anyway, can't stop, I'll make a longer post tomorrow (probably). Plus there's a music page in the pipeline too. Nice.

Dennis Leary - Lock N' Load
Rammstein - Links 2 3 4
Static-X - I'm With Stupid
Eminem - Role Model
(Rammstein Fan Station, I like.)

Tuesday, June 10


As promised a couple of days ago, I've started putting up some pictures of my life and the world around me. You can get to it by clicking here or by clicking on "The Photos" on the left. You may also notice a link there for "The Art." I haven't quite perfected this page yet, nor have I uploaded the pictures and various things that are on it, so bare with me for that one.

Jan Johnson - Flesh (DJ Tiesto Remix)
Run DMC - It's Tricky
Moby - Natural Blues
Samael - Black Trip

What A Day

What a fucking day! I've barely stopped all day, been doing something almost every waking minute.

A bad start was having to wake up at 7.15am to take my roommate to the airport so he could fly home. I'd forgotten 7.15am exsited! I was in a daze for the first ten minutes after I woke up but soon sorted myself out. The state of the kitchen on our floor kinda woke me up. It was in such an unbelievable mess it wasn't even funny. Therefore I skipped breakfast...

The day got even worse once I got to Heathrow Airport itself. I pulled into the car park, and was sat in a queue of traffic a couple of levels up. I decided to turn into a different section and go up another level to make finding a space easier. Unfortunately I somehow misjudged the turn, and ended up banging my car quite severely into another one, already parked. It caused the front corner of my bumper to come off, as you can see in this picture, and I was dumbstruck. I jumped out of the car immediately to see what damage had been done, and I swear that I've never sworn so loudly and frequently in a public place before. See, it's not my car. It's my Mum's, but I've got it with me in London for the rest of the week, then I'll load it up with all of my stuff and drive it home on Friday night. My Mum warned me not to have an accident in it because by putting me on her insurance, her excess went up to 500, meaning we have to pay the first 500 of any claim, rather than the 50 that it is usually. I was upset slightly, because it was my first accident in the 2 years + that I've been driving. What makes me feel even worse is that I forgot / neglected to leave a note for the other car explaining what had happened and offering to pay for any paintwork touch-ups that needed doing. I feel really, really bad about that.

I said goodbye to my roommate in a weird stupor, still dulled by the accident. It's going to be weird without him, I've got used to him being around. Thankfully there weren't any tears, just a proper manly hug. My room is half-emtpy now, and there's another week to go yet before I go home. Oh well, I guess that's another chapter closed in my life...

I finally plucked up the courage to ring my parents and tell them about the accident around 12.30. That was a surreal experience too, especially since my Dad had apparently had a few problems with work, causing my Mum to be fairly upset already. I didn't speak to my Dad, thank God, because he was in such a bad mood that he would have bitten my head off. I still reckon that I'm going to get lynched when I go home this Friday. I emailed them a picture of the damage as well, and my Mum got hold of a local garage, who reckoned a new bumper would cost around 60. This was a relief, I was expecting at least 3 figures to get a new one.

Once that was all over and done with, I went down to Regent's Park with a few friends. We sat around for a bit, then got a game of rounders going. Rounders is the British version of Baseball, but better, especially since we were playing with a little kiddies-type set: foam ball and foam padded bat. Girls v Guys is always fun, and it got better because we were uncertain of the rules, meaning they were kind of made up on the fly. Guys won, of course. Me and Liz messed around with some plastic tennis racquets and another foam ball for a while, which was a laugh, then me and Chris started getting a few rallys going, complete with over-extravagant shots and leaps into the air. All good fun.

Whilst on the subject of Liz, I think I've come to the conclusion that she is into me in some way. She seems to have got really friendly over the past few weeks, a lot more so than usual. I'm not quite sure if I've read this right or what, because I'm the worst person ever at spotting this kind of sign from a girl. And seeing as we've only got a few more days before we all go home, I can't see anything major coming from it. Which is a shame, because as you can see in her photo, she's stunning, plus she's also just a really nice girl, a genuine friendly person. Unfortunately a smoker, but I can make an exception. Don't hold your breath waiting for a result though...

koRn - Blind
koRn - Tear Me Down
Masterminds - Memories
Ian van Dahl - Castles In The Sky (Remix)

Monday, June 9

Saying Goodbye

My roommate's last day in England today, so we did something which he had wanted to do since he got to London: go to Speaker's Corner for a few hours and listen to the random rantings going on. I took along my shiny new camera, and had a play with the video function on it as well. No sound, unfortunately, but the visuals are good quality. If I get the time, I'll put a couple up here for your perusal. I took some pictures though, which can be found in the new "Photos" section. More on that later.

At Speaker's Corner, there was a load of different people speaking their mind on various subjects. The problem was, most of it was trying to convince people to believe in Jesus, or Mohammed or whomever. As you're probably aware, I'm a devout atheist, so didn't have too much time to listen to them give their spiel. There was one lonely guy who had a sandwich board around his neck promoting "Christian Atheists." I'm not quite sure how that works, but another of his placards read "To receive Jesus you must reject God." Aren't they one and the same thing, Holy Trinity and all that?

At least he was positive (I think). Another guy in the vicinity had the slogan "It's going to get worse" on his sandwich board. The most animated was this guy. Just the most random looking guy ever. I've got a really good video of him in action, I might put that up soon. The final guy we listened to was an anti-feminist. Apparently, feminism is to blame for every single wrong in the world at the moment. Damn right. Although he did take it a bit far by claiming that there are 4 times as many unemployed men as women in the UK. I don't believe that for one second...

Once we got back from there, a few of us popped into Hampstead for a quick pint in this idyllic, quaint little pub. It's buried on the back streets of Hampstead, and is possibly my new favourite pub. I've said that a few times already though...

Got to be up early tomorrow (today?) to take my roommate to the airport. It's going to be weird without him. Hopefully I'll see him again at some point, but I'm really going to miss him. He's been a good friend for the past 9 months or so, plus he got me home when I was absolutely wasted at the Fresher's Ball and broke my front teeth...

Rasputina - Trust All-Stars
Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go
Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
Moby - Machete

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