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Saturday, May 3

Musical Interests

I've just found out that Launchcast allows you to let other people listen to your personal station, so Click this link to go listen to the music that I enjoy listening to. Be warned, it's very eclectic, and the metal side of it is certainly very heavy. But it's me, and I love it!


That says ill above, not a 3 in roman numerals. And I've got a bitch of a cold just set in. Which is not handy when I'm trying to revise. Not handy at all. It's made me very tired and unable to concentrate. That, and the fact that I really don't want to do this revision, is leading me to give up every 30 minutes for a while.

That's pretty much all I've done today, been really boring and uneventful. Sorry!

Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw
Xzibit - Break Yourself
Dimmu Borgir - Mourning Palace
DJ Micro - Cream

Friday, May 2

Clever People

There are some clever, clever people in this world. Some of them write for SatireWire, and produce such genius as "CANADIAN WARSHIP SEIZES TANKER IN... WAIT... CANADA HAS A WARSHIP?" and "ENRON ADMITS IT'S REALLY ARGENTINA." Satire rules!

This is the best one, to which I've added the brief descriptiom:
The profusion of international news available on the Internet has made it increasingly difficult for the average American to ignore the rest of the world, a trend researchers say threatens Americans' long, proud history of disregarding anything not about them.


Aaaaaagh! Yahoo, why do u keep doing this to me? Launchcast has once again come up with a highly emotional song, again by Moby. It's called "Hymn," and I swear that if I was in a room, alone, and assured that no-one else would enter, I would just break down and cry. It just hit me in a big way. Huge, sweeping chords over a simple piano melody. Really, really haunting stuff.

And now I have another song on which makes we want to cry: "Everybody Hurts" by REM. Hmmm, the world (or at least the Yahoo-controlled parts of it) is conspiring to make me cry tonight. Not happening, I'm afraid. I'm male, we don't do crying. Unless someone kicks you in the balls. Then, and only then, you're allowed.

Toilets, Mutants & Flapjacks

Blogger isn't working tonight, so I'll put this up sometime tomorrow when it eventually restores itself... (Or I can just do it now, because Blogger has fixed itself.)

A lot of things I actually want to say, so Blogger not working is a pain in the proverbial. Just a quick something first, something which only guys will fully understand and appreciate. No, not female nudity, but toilet mannerisms.

Have you ever noticed that in guys toilets, a guy will never stand next to another guy unless absolutely necessary?! If there are individual urinals, a guy will choose one so that he has an emty one on each side, and if there is a big wall urinal, a guy will distance himself from anybody else in there. It's all some sort of subconscious thing where a guy always believes that he has a smaller penis than everybody else in the world. But, he cannot bring himself to really believe this, so never gives himself the opportunity to compare. That and the beating / social outcasting he will receive if he gets caught looking. Oh, and have you ever noticed just how quiet men's toilets are? Especially in motorway service stations. Nobody ever says a word, and eye contact is frowned upon in a big way. Hmm, that wasn't actually a quick thing, was it?

Went to see X-Men 2 tonight, the day it was released. Yes, I'm very sad, but hey, it's X-Men!!! And it was the best superhero film ever, no, really! Oh, and it had the trailer for Matrix: Reloaded attached. I'd seen it online already, but that was nothing on seeing it on a huge cinema screen. I'm so, so, so excited about seeing that film. Think I may have to watch the first again, just to get me in the mood. Oh yeah, that's definitely worth doing for X-Men 2, because there's a few references to the first film in it. And Warner Village Cinemas have the best seats ever. They're huge and incredibly comfortable. Well done Warner Village, send me some free stuff for this plug...

Made some flapjacks today. I rule at cooking. Everyone who has tried one so far has said they're really good, probably just to keep me happy. I'm very proud of my cooking abilities, especially seeing as cheese on toast was my limit 6 months ago... Thanks due to Patrick, my American roommate, for that, I think. I was just in the mood to do some creative cooking today, mainly to stave off doing revision for a little while longer. I actually started doing some today. A whole 2 hours! Not good. Anyway, the phone call I made to my mum must have been one of the weirdest she's received from me since the "I've lost my two front teeth" episode (another time children, be patient). I basically just wanted to know what flapjacks should look like when you take them out of the oven. She seemed surprised to say the least, especially considering I'd only spoken to her yesterday. I'm not one of those people who likes to ring home a whole lot, can't see the point to be honest. A couple of the girls on my floor ring home every day... Having problems letting go girls?

Oh, and I just want to apologise to Alanna for seeming stealing a whole load of your ideas. I just never seem to find the things like Dante's Hell Test on my travels around the web, plus your site is one of the first I visit every day. The last thing I'm going to steal (I prefer borrow, anyway) is the indent thingy with the solid border on the left. Looks like this...
Keep on Truckin'

Cheers people.

Disturbed - Want
Zwan - Jesus / Mary Star of the Sea
Papa Roach - Last Resort
Smilez & Southstar - Tell Me

Wednesday, April 30

I'm Not A Good Person

The Dante's Hell Test has told me so.

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis!
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Moderate
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Extreme
Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Toilet Man

Yes, I'm hungover. Yes, it was a good night. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And yes, there was a man in the toilets expecting money just for handing you a paper towel to dry your hands. That really annoys me. It's like some sort of guilt complex to give him some money because he has a small collection plate with other people's money already on it. All pound coins as well, so you have to give him a pound as well, so that he doesn't see you as cheap. There's also a guilt complex that you have to wash your hands every time as well, because otherwise he'll regard you as dirty next time you come in... When you're drunk, these guilt complexes are intensified, so it becomes even more of a vicious loop. You have to pay to go to the toilet! But such is life. Sort of.

Oh, and when you've had a few to drink it is not (I repeat, not) good fun to start a dead arm competition with one of your mates. I now have the biggest bruise on my arm, and it's really painful to bend it. Right on the bicep muscle, or what would be a bicep muscle on a guy who is ever-so-slightly more toned than me. Piccies to illustrate:

This is what a normal arm should look like. Look at me in my sexy white boxers and jeans...
This is what my right arm looks like today. Ow.

As I promised, I've started taking pictures of some random things that just amuse me. Today's installment is a picture of my cutlery, of all things. I bought a new set the other day, and just fell in love with this one in the shop. Every time I eat with them, I just chuckle endlessly to myself. Not the best picture, I'm afraid, but it shows them quite well. If you can't make it out, the fork has a pig on it, and says "Oink" on it; the knife has a cow, and says "Moo." Genius.
The cutlery of the Gods. Gods with a sense of humour, that is.

Just heard an ad on the radio for the Evening Standard newspaper. Apparently there's a free Greatest Dance Hits of the 90's CD in tomorrow's paper. That is my era, music-wise, so I may just have to pick that up. The ad played snippets of some of my favourite ever tunes, including Ebeneezer Goode by The Shamen. Classic tunage!

Cheers people, and thankyou for leaving me messages over there on the right. Makes me feel all popular...

Madonna - American Life (Remix)
Blackstreet - No Diggity
Misteeq - Scandalous
Tomkraft - Loneliness


I know that I have bad eyesight in one eye, but what really annoys me is that when I'm drunk, my vision instantly becomes doubled. Struggling to focus on the computer screen right now... Guess that'll teach me not to drink a whole lot of cheap vodka.


Me? No. Never! Although this is my first drunken post to the blog, I promised myself that I would do at least one, so here it is. In all of it's mistyped glory. Actually, I'm not overly smashed, so I'm able to correct most typos as I go. He says...

Propaganda on a Tuesday = wicked. Met some random people who I hadn't seen in a while, even Joe was there! Not expecting to see him... Laura, my gorgeous blonde sexy friend from back home, was there, along with all of her super-sexy friends. Yet again I failed to pull, but seeing as I wasn't expecting to, it's no big letdown... I really do wish I was sufficiently (drunk, and still uses that word...) self-confident to talk to women in that way, but, hey, it's just me. Like my mum said, I'm comfortable and confident around women I know, but really shy around those I don't. Even with the help of Mr Alcohol...

Tuesday, April 29

1001 Things

Those 1001 things I mentioned last night, well I can think of them now. I've got loads to say, so this might turn out to be a very long post... First things first, the latest batch of This-or-Thats (Apparently these are all to do with comfort...):

1. Lying down on the couch, or stretching out on a recliner? Couch, and it's called a SOFA
2. Going barefoot or wearing soft slippers? Barefoot
3. Eating ice cream, or pizza? Pizza
4. Watching on TV...a classic movie or a reality show? Reality Show
5. Wearing: blue jeans or sweat pants? Blue Jeans, as I am right now
6. A long, soothing bubble bath or a quick, invigorating shower? Shower
7. Furniture: leather, or something more on the fuzzy side? Leather
8. Soft, classical music, or upbeat rock & roll? Rock & Roll Forever Man!!!
9. Darkness or light? Light
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: You get married, or otherwise begin cohabitating with a significant other. She moves into your place, but brings with her the UGLIEST chair you have ever seen! You really don't want this thing in your home, but she says it is the most comfy chair she has ever sat in, and no way will she part with it. Do you: grin and bear it, or scheme to get rid of the montrosity somehow? Grin and bear it, then concoct a scheme to remove it by talking her into the fact that it's nasty

That's that over and done with. Next is a quick pic of a couple of friends of mine, Joe and Cara. This was taken today, whilst I was in at uni.

Speaking of uni, the couple of revision tutorials that I have had today have convinced that I really, really need to do some revision soon if I'm going to pass these exams. On that note, I'm sitting here posting to my blog, and going out to a club tonight. Ooops.

What else did I want to say? Dammit, all my creativity has disappeared. Oh yeah, I've decided that I'm going to start taking some really random photos during my days, just to give a visual aspect to this blog. Not necessarily of people, but just things that catch my eye, or I find amusing. I have a half-decent digital camera, and it's the size of a credit card, so I can carry it with me everywhere. Which is nice. (Non-Brits won't get that. British readers, you know that the Fast Show was the best thing ever on TV. Apart from Big Brother.)

Wake-up call

Woken up this morning by Daniella, a Greek girl who lives on my floor. She asked last night to print something out on my computer, but I completely forgot and went down to the bar to play some pool (which, incidentally, I suck at). So, it's my own stupid fault that I was woken up an hour earlier than I had set my alarm for. But, on the plus side, Daniella has one of the best bodies ever, and was handily bent over my desk whilst I was still in my bed, about the same height as her bum. Which was nice. Women, those of you with nice bums should always, always wear tight trousers.

This is actually the first entry I've prepared in advance. Usually I just go over to the computer room (I don't have internet on my computer in my room ) and type whatever comes into my head there and then, usually forgetting something important. Today, however, I'm thoroughly bored and trying to kill some time before I go into uni for a couple of revision tutorials. Which is also the start of my revision for my big exams. Better late than never.

Big Brovaz - Favourite Things
Armand van Helden - You Don't Know Me
Eminem - Sing For The Moment
Cam'ron - Hey Ma
(Kiss 100, wicked radio station)


I'm sure there's a thousand and one things worth saying right now, but I just can't think of any of them. But I am listening to the most relaxing and soulful pieces of music ever, "Grace" by Moby. Just huge, sweeping violin chords with big moments of silence in between. Beautiful.

Ha, and I just whipped this random person on Pool at Yahoo Games. I am the king! (maybe)

Monday, April 28

The Best Joke Ever

Q: What's better than winning a Silver Medal at the Special Olympics?
A. Not being retarded

Vokda = Hangover

I know the equation above, I've known it for a long time, and yet I still forget it far too often. Like last night. Pretty much everybody is back at uni, so we thought we'd pop down the pub, just for a couple of drinks, to celebrate. I was going to be quite happy with just 2 pints when Rob suggested to me that we should get some jugs of vodka-red bull in. Big mistake. 4 pints of the stuff between 3 of us later, and I was a little drunk. Then we decided to drink some more vodka once we got back to our halls, which ended up with me being very, very drunk at 3am. And very, very hungover this morning. Usually, a shower completely clears me of a hangover. Not today.

My roommate got back last night as well, which threw me completely when I stumbled back into my room late at night. It was dark, I was drunk, and suddenly I heard this voice say "Hey." Scared the living crap out of me. The fool. I guess that means I may have to turn my music down a couple of notches now. Dammit.

I got a mention on Alanna's Blog!!! The fame is spreading. Very, very slowly, but spreading nonetheless. I've also got a link from Sambo's Dictionary, which is incidentally one of the funniest sites ever.

Actually, Alanna called me, and i quote, "a little English hottie." Love it.

Quick joke I found at
Q. What is the first sign of AIDS?
A. A pounding sensation in the ass.
Now that's comedy.

Cheers people.

Amoebaassasin - Piledriver
Juno Reactor - Acid Moon
White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
Cevin Fisher - Music Saved My Life

Sunday, April 27

All Change

Changed a whole lot of the site yesterday, mainly because I got bored with it. I'm very fickle in that way with web design. But I've decided to stick with this layout for a while, and just do some minor cosmetic changes if they need doing. Check out all the links on the left, including the shiny new Gallery, which includes pictures such as this:
Your local lovely blogger.

Not much else going on, still trying to survive the weekend on a very small sum of money. Which makes it difficult for me to justify getting a pizza delivered last night because I couldn't be bothered to cook... Still, I'm still alive, and I have £10 to see me through to tomorrow, when my nice big student loan comes in.

Opeth - A Master's Apprentice
Iced Earth - A Question of Heaven
Mudvayne - Not Falling
Dimmu Borgir - Pet Nye Riket
(Ultra-heavy selection today...)

I am...

You've got to love the internet sometimes. Found this link on the Blogger main page, which in turn led me to the Personality Disorder Test. Apparently I'm
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: High
Narcissistic: High

Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate

Histrionics are constant attention seekers, often interrupting others in order to dominate the conversation (so me!). Narcissists are characterised by self-centredness and an expectation for others to regard them as superior. Dammit, why are these internet tests so accurate?!

Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
RATM - Bullet In The Head
Powerman 5000 - Nobody's Real
Orbital - I Don't Know You People

The Truth

Seen on a poster on a window earlier today: "Peace through Superior Firepower"

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