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Saturday, April 26

Brain Freeze

Hmmm, I'm online, but have absolutely nothing to say. Dammit.

White Stripes - 7 Nation Army
Papa Roach - Last Resort
Mudvayne - Dig
Xzibit - Enemies

I come from...

Shiny new Guestmap thing I've started. Show me where you're from...

Doing loads to the site at the moment, must have got over my tiredness. He says, yawning. Actually, must go to bed soon, got to be up ready to go down the pub for midday. Arsenal match kicks off at 12.30...

Animal -
REM - Everybody Hurts
Static-X - Permanence
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
(Ohhh, yes)

This or That?

Found This or on my travels, think I might start doing it.

1. Yummier: Chocolate ice cream or strawberry cheesecake? Chocolate Ice Cream
2. Better to watch on TV: Movies or sports? Sports
3. A better web browser: MSIE or Netscape (or tell us your own favorite!) IE, by a mile
4. A better way to travel: Automobile or bus/train? Bus and Tube
5. Your preferred camera: Digital or film? Digital
6. A Cooler Vehicle: Motorcycle or sports car? Sports Car
7. More fun: Video games or board games? Video Games
8. Sexier: A perfect body or an intelligent mind? A perfect body (from afar) A perfect mind (up close)
9. A stinkier smell: Skunk or gasoline (petrol)? Skunk
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: What is more important to you: making a ton of money and being at the top of your field, or finding your soulmate and living a comfortable but not wealthy life? Soulmate

Easy, this.

Sleepless Nights

Christ I'm knackered. Early morning today to get the coach back to uni (I didn't know 6.30 a.m. existed!), which killed me. Then I reckoned on doing a bit of churning tonight on Fatdog, so I went to bed at about 8.30p.m for a couple of hours, so I didn't feel knackered tomorrow. Cue a non-existent churn and me playing pool on Yahoo for a while, feeling really tired. But hey, my first 1a.m post for a while.

Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On
Papa Roach - Broken Home
Kittie - What I Always Wanted
Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubine
(LaunchCast, I love you. Where've you been baby?)

Friday, April 25

Say what you see

Just added the little instant post thingy over there on the right. ----->

Leave me some messages (it's quicker and easier than the message board...) and I'll try to be online as often as possible to chat...

I've also played a little with the site's look, adding titles to each post from now on.

Cheers people.

RATM - Freedom
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Prodigy - Firestarter

Which place is home?

Back at Uni now, stupid long coach ride. Blistering headache, and I'm really, really hot. Mmmm, ultra-fast internet, welcome back LaunchCast!

I always find it difficult to define which place I live in is home. When I'm back at my parent's, I call London home, but when I'm here I call there home. Stupid bloody indecisiveness.

Found it weird yesterday to be pouring my heart out onto the message board at Fatdog, to people whom I've never met, and could to all purposes actually be truck drivers from Wigan called Terry. It was actually quite refreshing, because I'd never recently sat down and thought about how my life is at the moment. Now I just have to wait for some responses...

koRn - Here To Stay
REM - Sweetness Follows
Xzibit - My Name
Moby - The Sky Is Broken
(Being particularly eclectic today...)

Thursday, April 24

Just reading the blog at Christ she posts a lot. I'm lucky to get online more than once each day, so this has ended up being about what I have done that day / weekend, rather than some random thoughts. The blogger at VirginMoistness has some great posts where she just says random words...
*grits my teeth*
Everything is wrong. Everything.
I want to abandon Houston NOW. I want to live in San Antonio NOW. I want to be going to school again NOW!!!!
Shit, piss, whore, motherfucking blah!
And now my right nipple hurts.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, and triple fucking fuck!
Oh, yeah. The A/C still doesn't work. That may be the contributing factor to my current mood.

You've gotta love it.

Tuesday, April 22

Ow, my hands. Cut them up on the way home Saturday night, after one too many beers (and vodkas and other shots). very painful to open or close my hand fully, so I've got them permanently in a semi-clenched position at the moment. Not good.

Saturday was a good night though, first proper night out with the boys for a fair few months. Cue numerous drinking games, and a very drunk group of guys by the end of the night. Bailey's and Creme de Menthe = Yum. Although iffy after 6 or 7 pints.

Watched a film called Leon last night, by Luc Besson, starring Jean Reno. How amazing is that film?! Never seen it before, even though it's over a decade old... And I didn't realise that it was Natalie Portman playing the little girl (she of Star Wars Queen Amidala fame).

Off to play snooker in a minute, no doubt influenced by the World Championships on at the moment. The UK's answer to the "World" Series / Superbowl in the US, where only teams in the USA can enter. Well, snooker is a game played almost exclusively in Britain, so we've won every World Championship so far. Ha!
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