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Saturday, April 5

No posts for a couple of days, I know, but I've been well busy. Anyway, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. That stupid gazebo thingy has taken up most of my time, but it's looking well smart with all of the decking down. Plus I went to do a little PR work for my uni at an event in Bristol on Thursday night, giving a little talk and meeting / greeting various prospective students. Quite good fun actually, and I reckon I did quite a good job in promoting King's.

What else has been happening? Oh yeah, just lost a tenner on the Grand National. The horse that I had money on to come in the top 4 places came in 5th. Which makes me very, very angry indeed. And dodgy cheating Man Utd beat Liverpool this afternoon. Mike Riley gave them 2 (!) penalties, which makes a total of 6 in 4 games he has refereed at Old Trafford this season. Bias? Never! That's why I hate Man Utd so much, everything always goes their way, especially at Old Trafford.

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Tuesday, April 1

Sometimes I really, really hate computers. It's taken me over 2 hours to get on the internet this evening, all because something installed itself on my computer and acted as a firewall, so I couldn'y go to any websites, download email through Outlook, or even use MS Messenger. Makes me very, very angry. Anyway, fixed now, thank God. It does make me feel really good when I have a major problem like that and end up solving it. That's me in a good mood for about the next 2 hours before I head off to bed...

I read in the news today about the shooting of a family of 7 women and children in Iraq by US soldiers at a checkpoint near Basra. It seems there's been a lot of reaction by anti-war types condemning the killings, but I find myself believing the soldiers' accounts in that firing into the passenger compartments was an absolute last resort. Apparently there had been verbal warnings, shots fired into the air and shots fired into the engine before any were fired at the passengers. With all due respect to the innocent Iraqi citizens, coalition forces need to protect themselves from the possibility of suicide bombings like the one earlier in the weekend, and if a car does not stop after all of those warnings, extreme force must be used. This reminds me of the case of Lee Clegg, where a similar type of situation occurred. Which in turn reminds me that I really need to start doing some revision, instead of wasting my day on the internet and helping my dad build a bloody gazebo in our back garden. Nicely cut-up hands tonight, cheers Dad.

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Monday, March 31

Apologies to anybody who tried to access the site last evening, it had crashed for no apparent reason, but it's back up again now. Such are the inconsistencies of the internet...

Just a couple more weird things being home:
Good Thing: See my family and old friends. Bad Thing: Don't see all my friends from uni.
Good Thing: Sky Digital! Bad Thing: No computer, TV or hi-fi in my room.
Good Thing: Never having to wait to use the internet. Bad Thing: Incredibly slow (56k) connection!
Good Thing: Free food, washing, travel, etc. Bad Thing: Not eating when I want, but when my family does...
Good Thing: Getting to drive everywhere again! Bad Thing: Not a whole lot of places to drive to.

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Sunday, March 30

Back at home now, and it's a little weird. Raging insomnia last night, for no apparent reason. Didn't get to sleep until gone 6am, what with the clocks going forward and everything. I was buzzing with a load of creative ideas as I tried to get to sleep, which is very unlike me. I'm usually the least creative person on the planet, but yesterday I couldn't stop coming up with ideas for artistic things that I wanted to do. Only one of which I've managed to do today, after being roped in to digging my back garden up for pretty much the entire day.

Another weird thing that I've noticed since being home is the lack of people around. Usually at uni, I converse with, or at least exchange greetings with, 30, 40 or even 50 people per day. Today I've spoken to 4.
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