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Saturday, March 29

Last night was such a wicked night out. I had the best time out in ages, and I've got the hangover today to prove it... Far too much cheap alcohol, far too much dancing, and far too many gorgeous women about. I didn't pull, as per usual, but I still had a really good time. I heard this morning that a few of my mates who live just south of the river, around waterloo, went home naked, in front of a load of policemen. Very good idea boys, well done... I wasn't that drunk, but the journey home and getting to bed, etc, is very, very hazy at best...

I hate doing packing, especially with this bitch of a hangover. Off home in a couple of hours, so it was a bit of a rush job getting everything into my suitcase. He says, finding time to post to his blog and churn on Fatdog... I just know I'm going to forget something vitally important. And what a pain in the ass it is trying to choose which CDs to take home, I love all of them!

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Metallica - Turn The Page
Moby - Porcelain
Prodigy - Breathe
Rasputina - Dig Ophelia

Friday, March 28

Just added a Message Board, so everybody can leave me lovely messages telling me how great I am. Or you can just post whatever you want...

Juno Reactor - Man To Ray
Incubus - Consequence
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge
Carl Cox - Pump

Went to a pyjama party last night, like I said below, but unfortunately it wasn't as good as i was expecting... No lovely ladies in very little, very few people even bothered to get at all dressed up. Cheap alcohol was a bonus, and I succeeded in getting nicely merry, if not totally off my face. We (me and a few of the guys I live with) then went for a walk into Hampstead, which is about 15 minutes away, at midnight, to try and find another bar that was open. No such luck, so we then went hunting for a kebab shop that was still open. Another half-hour of walking resulted in no kebab shops anywhere nearby, which makes me angry! Here I am in the biggest city in Europe, and there's no take-aways open at 1 am! Back home, in my tiny little rural town, there's at least 2 open till gone 3.30 am on Thursday / Friday / Saturday! That's one of those weird things about London. My room-mate, an American, says it's very different from New York, which is totally 24 hours... New York is one of the few places that I have on a general "To Do" list in my life. I really want to live there for at least 2 years of my life at some point. Hopefully Manhattan, probably Brooklyn...

Looking forward to a big night out tonight, rinsing my bank account clean out before I go home for Easter. Which reminds me, must go and do a shedload of packing. Cheers people.

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Static X - Cold (Tune!!!)
Depeche Mode - I Am You
Mudvayne - World So Cold
Nas - Last Real Nigga Alive

Thursday, March 27

Stupid bloody blogger, I just lost all of the stuff which I was working on. Here goes with typing it all out again.

OK, so I didn't get elected as Social Secretary to the King's Law Society, but I'm really pleased for Marion that she did. She blatantly deserved to get elected much more than I did, so congratulations to her. I'm just going to assume that I came second... Also, congratulations to Alex for getting elected as President. He'll do a great job over the next year.

The party was a good laugh though, I got nicely drunkenly merry, though not as bad as some people (hope you're hungover Matt and Dan). No hangover when I woke up, mainly because I didn't wake up until 4 this afternoon. It's a hard life... Going down to my local bar tonight for a pyjama party. Cheap beer and lovely ladies wearing very little, what more could a guy ask for?!

I'm also going out on Friday for a big one for Matt's birthday. Could get messy. Might have to fight through a hangover on Saturday morning as well, because I need to do all of my packing for going home that night. I'm actually really looking forward to going home, because I haven't seen some of my closest friends for about 4 months. And my little dog too, looking forward to seeing him. Oh yes, and my family, can't forget them. I've got to be really nice to them all day Sunday because it's Mother's Day, my sister's birthday, and the first time I've seen my Dad since his birthday...

Thanks to everybody for visiting the site, I've got over 100 hits in just over a week, which I'm thoroughly pleased with. Not bad for the random ramblings of a mostly hungover student...

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Big Pun - New York Giants - Featuring M.O.P.
Mudvayne - Central Disposal
Arch Enemy - Their First Deadly Sin
Nelly - Who's The Boss

Wednesday, March 26

Just started doing various tests on a load of different websites. So far I'm:
34.659090909090914% Insane
31.7% Web Designing Pure

This is my favourite, from
"Rob, you're a Shark!
Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types - your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type. You are a Shark which means you are a Seeker / Success. Your primary sub-type is defined by "Seeker" characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by "Success" characteristics.
That means you've got a robust love of life and a killer instinct. Chances are you hate rules, and don't plan on getting old. You're flexible and friendly on top of being innovative and smart. In short, people respect you.
How do we know all this? How do we know you're extroverted and love being in the spotlight? Or that your mantra is "work hard, play hard"? How could we have divined that dull parties make you weep?"

Result! I also have a gold aura, apparently:
"We don't need a psychic to tell us that you're giving off a Gold vibe. You couldn't ask for a better color - a glistening gold aura is as good as it gets. A lively blend of yellow and orange, gold people are happy, playful, energetic, sensitive, and generous. Always up for adventure, you'd give a friend in need the shirt off your back. You're spiritual, too - all those halos in old paintings aren't colored gold by coincidence. Almost childlike in the carefree, joyful way you live your life, you're popular and outgoing with your large circle of friends. Chances are you're so full of light and energy that you sometimes find it hard to sit still and chill out. Instead, you're constantly looking for excitement, no matter how risky or impulsive the occasion. Happy-go-lucky and always laughing, you truly are as good as gold."

"Rob, your best quality shines through in how Intelligent you are!"

This is the biggest ego boost ever. Go check out now!

Jakatta - American Dream

Just remembered that I found these nice little images on Protest I love the way that even Americans are starting to grasp the concept of irony and sarcasm. I guess these kind of sum up my feelings, not so much about the war itself as concerning the reaction it has received from the general public. Anyway, on with the pictures:

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (The greatest riff ever in the history of music. Ever.)

Forgot to mention in the last post that I recently saw Scarface for the first time. It's an amazing film, and I'm glad I saw it now, when I'm old enough to understand it...

What have I been up to recently? Well, I'm knackered today because I was up until the wee small hours last night working on a piece of coursework for my degree. Admittedly, I should have done this coursework ages ago, but at least I've finished it now and it's out of the way. Actually, it has shown me just how much of a skinflint I've become in my time as a student. I know it's a stereotype, but it's oh-so-true! I'm going home on Saturday, and have very little funds available to last me until then, especially considering I'm going out drinking for the next 3 nights... Anyway, the reason I sat up so late to finish the essay is that I was already going in to uni today for a couple of tutorials, paying 5.30 for the privelige of using the Tube, so I could hand in the essay whilst at the Strand campus, rather than finishing it this afternoon and paying again to travel in tomorrow. Damn I'm a cheapskate, but I can now afford to get drunk tonight, which makes me very, very happy.

Also, once I'd finished the essay (around 3am), I played on GTA 3 for a bit before collapsing into bed. Seeing as I had to be up again at 7.15, I was not best pleased to get a phone call from a couple of drunken mates at 5am... For some reason, we were chatting for about half an hour about god-knows-what, so I only got 2 hours sleep last night. Thankfully, I've now got absolutely nothing to get up for both tomorrow and Friday... Which is nice.

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Cannibal Corpse - Edible Autopsy (love their song names...)
Fat Joe - Misery Needs Company
Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubine
(a great, if really weird band)
Disturbed - Conflict

Tuesday, March 25

Right, I'm actually going to post a topical blog: seeing as the Oscars happened last night, I thought I'd give you all some quick reviews of some films I've seen recently... If anybody can recommend some, please let me know.

Solaris - The new George Clooney sci-fi film, produced by James Cameron (Terminator, Titanic) and Steven Soderbergh (Erin Brockovich, Traffic)
To be honest, I wasn't hugely looking forward to this one, it seemed like a bit of a Clooney vehicle to get the ladies in. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised. It's a difficult film to understand from the off, but halfway through something just clicks and the you get the plot completely. It's a bit like Event Horizon (which is brilliant), a bit Sixth Sense, and much more of a psychological thriller / drama than an outright sci-fi. OK, so it's set in space, but that's about as the sci-fi aspect goes. Go see it! Rob's Rating: 8.5 / 10

Jackass: The Movie - The TV show, but 90 minutes of it!
If you like the TV show, which I do, then you will love this. Sicker, funnier and longer. Some of the funniest bits include going to the toilet in a hardware store display toilet, running around Japan in panda suits, and Johnny getting shot, resulting in the biggest bruise ever. No plot, just random stuff. Oh, and the intro sequence is brilliant! Rob's Rating: 9 / 10

The Princess Bride - Children's classic fairytale, but brilliant.
I was introduced to this by a friend earlier this week, and already I've watched it twice, it's that good! Yes, it's aimed at 10 year-olds. Yes, there's no swearing. Yes, it's absolutely mad. And yes, it's great! Locations in the film include the "Cliffs of Insanity," the "Pit of Despair" and the "Fire Swamp," all as crappy as you expect. The acting is so over-the-top and hammed up it's funny, and it has Andre The Giant in it! What more could you ask for? Rob's Rating: 7.5 / 10

Films I'm looking forward to this year include The Matrix: Reloaded, Terminator 3 (just watched the trailer: amazing.) and Phone Booth. I'm in the UK, so I'm not going to be able to see any of these films until way after all of the Yanks, which is ever-so-slightly annoying.

That's about all for now, just a quick note to say that the mighty Arsenal are back on top of the league! Champions!

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Hatbreed - Last Breath
Pantera - Cemetary Gates
Orgy - Saving Faces
Arch Enemy - Ravenous (Bit metally tonight. Which is good.)

Sunday, March 23

Nothing huge to add, but somebody I churn with on Fatdog has got his own blog now, making some fairly interesting reading. Also found this blog on my travels round the net, again pretty entertaining. It's a bisexual virgin lady, apparently, and she seems to say whatever springs to mind...

Just a quick addition to the above, Troubled Youth is a brilliant blog with a genius idea. Think I might have to join in with the revolution. First I need to buy some post-it notes...

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Blackwatch - Northsky
P.O.D - Live and Let Die
50 Cent - Ghetto Qua Ran
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