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Saturday, March 22

You may have noticed that I've got hold of a couple of smiley icons. I hope that I won't use them excessively, but they look a whole lot better than text emoticon thingies.

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Think I may have screwed myself over whilst running earlier. I went out on Monday night for about 45 - 50 minutes and was fairly tired by the end of it, whereas today I was completely knackered after about 10 minutes... I hate the way that everywhere I go from where I live is uphill for ages. It kills me for the rest of the run!

And more fantastic news from the war: more soldiers have been killed, this time by the enemy... Again, mass media attention, but with all due respect, what does everybody expect from a war. We're not the only side with weapons, the Iraqis have some too. It's not like we just go in and expect to win with no problems whatsoever. War = Death on both sides...

On a lighter note, I've noticed this girl around for a few weeks now, and haven't got round to saying anything to her yet. Which is starting to bug me. Guess I'm just too shy / unconfident / whatever, but I kinda need to say something soon because I'm going back home for 4 weeks for Easter next Saturday, and won't see her. I really am a totally unconfident person in this sort of situation, which is weird because I'm a really confident person everywhere else. I'm far too loud around my friends, and overtly flirty with girls I know well. Especially with a few drinks in me (which is a story for another time).

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Listening to: Prodigy - Firestarter (One of my fav songs ever...)

Just a quick little moan:

Is it just me, or does every non-smoker find smokers to be really ignorant and obnoxious? I was in my kitchen earlier, having some dinner, and at least 2 people lit up and sat around me whilst I was eating. What really grates me is that they didn't even ask whether it was OK for them to do so or not. I've never even tried a cigarette in my life, and never intend to, but I really can't stand the smell of them. It gets into your clothes so bad that I can't stand to put the same t-shirt on 2 days in a row. I did some washing earlier, and was amazed at just how much clothing I've got through in the past week or so, purely because I hate the smell of them the morning after sitting near someone who smoked. Tonight my eyes got really bad purely because of the smoke; I had to leave the room, and I'm now missing out on a bit of a party purely because there are these ignorant people who won't smoke elsewhere.

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Friday, March 21

Sorry about that last one, I don't mean for this to become an overly political blog, but I guess when I start to write about the news it becomes a bit clearer for me... Anyway, as the newspapers are telling everybody, we're properly at war now, what with the first British casualties and everything. It always amazes me in the last few conflicts that the US and UK have got involved in (Afghanistan especially) how much the media reacts when a national is killed. With all due respect, this is a war, where people get killed, and soldiers know that risk when they take the job on.

Moving on to the more important issues of the day, namely me and what I'm up to, I finally got round to voting in the King's College Law Society elections. Being the democratic and fair-minded person that I am (ahem!), I didn't even vote for myself for the position of Social Secretary. Not that I'm expecting to win, but it'd be nice to get a few votes... Looking forward to the post-results party next Wednesday, free alcohol apparently. :-)

Think I'll leave it at that for a bit, may have something else a bit later.

Cheers people.

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Fantastic, we're at war with Iraq, with approval given by Mr Blair himself. Even the Queen has got in on the act already, giving her message to the troops barely before they've actually fired a shot... Good stuff. To be honest, I'm not a huge opponent of war, I think that Saddam needs to be removed, and that it has been shown that force is going to be the only way. Admittedly, if I get drafted or something stupid like that, my opinion would no doubt change, but for now I'm fairly safe in the knowledge that what's going on is going on over there, and not here i the UK.

Saying that though, it does worry me slightly that I live in London, a prime target for any resistance attacks by terrorists or whomever. I spend a lot of time within a mile of the Houses of Parliament, which does make me ever-so-slightly uneasy. Also, I use the Tube every day, and the prospect of a gas attack is an ever-constant background threat. However, you've got to put these things to the back of your mind as you walk down the street and get on with your life.

This is the first major conflict of my generation, I was too young to fully appreciate Gulf War 1, and Kosovo / Bosnia was more of a containment process by NATO once it got involved, rather than an all-out war. Especially true, given the lack of British troops explicitly involved in both of those conflicts... It's going to be fairly interesting how my hypocritically anti-corporate, pro-peace generation react to this conflict, especially if it begins to drag on...

Just as an aside, people (students) who claim to be anti-corporate / anti-capitalist really piss me off. They tell you why these huge multi-national corporations are so bad for the world's economy or free choice or freedom of speech or whatever, whilst sitting in Starbucks or in McDonalds, before getting out their Sony or Nokia mobile phone which is connected to Orange or T-Mobile and talking to a friend about which Nike trainers they're going to buy. This is after going on the internet, using Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Internet Explorer with a Microsoft mouse, to a message board where they bitch about these corporations. Oh yes, and they wear Calvin Klein glasses to see the screen properly. I'm unashamedly pro-logo. Practically every piece of clothing that I own has a logo on it somewhere; I wear Armani glasses and quite happily do all of the above. I'm different because I don't try to outwardly appear as if I'm something different. Anyway, rant over...

Cheers people.

Thursday, March 20

Right, so this is my first proper post to the blog, seeing as I've spent so long getting the design to look just right...
For once I'm not hungover today, which makes a nice change from the past few days. Although I was hungover last night, which I really hate. I'm too much of an evening person to have it ruined by a hangover because I drank at lunchtime or mid-afternoon. There was good justification for drinking yesterdy though: Hustings for the Law Society elections. I'm standing for Social Secretary, not quite sure why, it was a last-minute decision, but I think I have a half-decent chance of being elected after a fairly good little speech.

Another thing that put me in a crap mood last night was Arsenal losing in the Champion's League and getting knocked out. That leaves just Man Utd as the sole English team in the quarter-finals, which means they're going to be gloating for the next few weeks. Makes me angry...

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Monday, March 17

This is the beginning of my blog, I suppose. I guess I'm just your average studenty type: I like to drink and socialise with a whole bunch of friends, I like to generally have a wicked time doing whatver it is I'm doing. Eventually I'll get round to putting a whole lot more meaningful stuff on here, should I think of anything worthwhile to say, but for now I'll just leave it with this briefest of introductions....

Cheers people
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