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Monday, August 18

Recap - The Aftermath

As I said on Saturday, I was going out to get, well, smashed. I succeeded in doing this. Oh yes, succeeded in a big way.

The carnival was as shit as I was expecting. They had just about every majorettes group in the entire county there, I think just to make up the numbers. There were about, umm, 5 floats in total, including the stalwart float from the local house for [and here I use the officially (maybe not, "officially", per se) recognised medical term...] retards. Never mind, I was well on my way to being inebriated by the time the carnival actually got to the house we were drinking at. This would be at around 6.45 in the evening, and I was starting to feel the beers already.

We played a couple of drinking games, including Fuck The Dealer and Heads / Tails. Both very easy to learn, and easy to get drunk on. Heads / Tails is the easiest. Everybody sits in a circle or around a table. A pint glass is passed round, and when it gets to you, you pour a healthy swig of your drink into it. Then you flip a coin, and call heads or tails. If you get it right, the glass (with contents) is passed on to the next person, who adds some of their drink, then flips the coin. If you get it wrong, you have to down whatever is in the glass. This game works best when everybody is drinking different stuff, because then it's a pretty nasty mixture that ends up in the pint glass. I was getting bitched at because I was drinking proper beer, whereas everybody else was on the lager / cider. Not my fault that I've got proper tastes for beer...

Fuck The Dealer is easy as well. Again, sit in a circle. One person has the pack of cards, and the person to his left guesses what the top card is. The dealer then says "higher" or "lower," depending on the card and the guess, and the person guesses again. However many numbers they are wrong by is how many fingers-worth of their drink they have to down. By "fingers-worth," I mean you put your hand on the outside of your glass, then count the number of fingers down that you're given. This is the amount you have to down. If you manage to guess correctly, the dealer must drink 5 fingers if you get it right first time, or 3 if it's the second guess. Once the card has been shown, it is laid face-up in the middle, so the pack gradually gets smaller. Once the dealer has gone round the circle, he passes the pack on, leaving the upturned cards in the middle. It's called Fuck The Dealer because as the pack gets smaller, the person guessing has a much better chance of being right, and therefore fucking the dealer by making him drink loads.

And that's how you go about getting drunk whilst getting very rowdy and loud.

After that we went down to a couple of other pubs (table football king, thankyou very much) before heading into Buds, the local crappy bar / club place. I was, shall we say, pissed by this stage, so I was chatting shit to the bouncers for a while. I get like that after a few beers. Loud and chatty. You can't shut me up, I swear. Don't remember a huge amount about being in Buds, and I remember even less about getting home. Oh well, a good night had by all.


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